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Other Funds

Elton John Foundation

Available at: london.ejaf.org 

FA2E du Partenariat de Ouagadougou 

Available at: partenariatouaga.org/fa2e/

Feminist Review Trust

Available at: feminist-review-trust.com

Fondation de France

Available at: fondationdefrance.org/fr/sida-sante-et-developpement

FP2020’s Rapid Response Mechanism

Available at: http://www.familyplanning2020.org/microsite/rrm

Her Voice fund

Available at:  hervoicefund.org

International HIV/AIDS rapid response fund 

Available at: aidsalliance.org

Izumi Foundation

Available at: izumi.org


Available at: mamacash.org

PAI / John Hopkins Opportunity Fund

Available at: advancefamilyplanning.org/resource/opportunity-fund-application

PAI YOUAccess Fund

Available at: pai.org

Positive Action for Women and Girls

Available at: viivhealthcare.com

Positive Action for MSM & Transgender

Available at: viivhealthcare.com

Prix One pour l'Afrique

Available at: one.org/fr/prix-one-pour-lafrique

Urgent Action Fund

Available at: urgentactionfund.org

UAF Sister Fund 

Available at: urgentactionfund.org

Safe Abortion Action Fund

Available at: saafund.org

The  Disability Rights Advocacy Fund (DRAF)

​Available at:  drafund.org

The Disability Rights Fund

Available at: disabilityrightsfund.org

The Other Foundation

Available at: theotherfoundation.org

The Girl Generation

Available at: thegirlgeneration.org 


Available at: voice.global