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About our resources

Our aim is to learn from other organisations as well as help to generate and contribute evidence beyond AmplifyChange.

As part of this aim, and in response to feedback from our grantees for us to share more resources, we are starting to assemble a selection of the huge number and variety of resources available.

We recognise the breadth and depth of resources available and these are just a very small selection collated to support grantees in their advocacy and policy work.

These resources include materials for community use, case studies, evaluation tool kits and data sets.

Resources specific to AmplifyChange priorities can be found in the references sections of our Priority sections.

We will be adding to this list of resources and encourage you to submit materials that you have found helpful in your work by emailing and title your email 'suggestion for AmplifyChange Resources section'.

We are particularly keen to feature resources and materials produced by you so we encourage you to send us your own materials to share with others.

Guidance > Resources

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