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Payments: requesting and receiving funding

Subject to grant conditions being met, you will be able to receive regular payments from AmplifyChange throughout the lifetime of your grant.

You will be disbursed funding at the start of your contract and every 6 months for Strategic, Strengthening and Network grants following submission of your six-monthly report. Opportunity grantees receive one payment at the beginning of their grant.

1. Initial funding disbursement

You will be sent your draft grant agreement, which defines the project duration, grant payment disbursement schedule, reporting requirements and any technical and financial special conditions, as previously discussed and agreed with your AmplifyChange point person.

Once you are happy with these documents, you must sign and upload this grant agreement to our online system (SMILE). 

Instructions on how to do this will be included but please note this must be done by the login detail used when submitting your application form. If you need to change your login details please contact your AmplifyChange point person.

Please email the Grants Officer, who sent you notification that your Grant Agreement is ready to sign, to notify them once you have uploaded your signed grant agreement. 

The signed grant agreement will also act a request for disbursement of funds, so once the signed agreement has been received our Finance team will process your first payment as indicated in the Grant Agreement.

Please note that payments can take up to 15 banking days from when the funds have left our bank account to arriving in your account. We will upload a Remittance Advice Note to your Supporting Files in SMILE once payment has left our account. We request that you immediately upload a copy of the remittance receipt from your bank to SMILE. 

2. Subsequent disbursements (not relevant for Opportunity grants)

You will be asked to submit a technical and financial report online through SMILE in accordance with the reporting schedule in your grant agreement. Please refer to the Technical Reporting  section of our guidance for more detailed information.

The Financial Report will act as a claim form to allow the next tranche of funding to be released. 

We will review both of these reports and discuss any issues with you. 

Once both reports and the next disbursement amount have been approved, we will process the payment, which can take up to 15 banking days. 

After each payment has successfully been made a remittance advice notice will be uploaded to SMILE for your records. We request that you immediately upload a copy of the remittance receipt from your bank to SMILE. 

Failure to do so may affect future payments. 

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