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Reporting: how to report using the SMILE system

Grantees are usually asked to report on their project every 6 months. The reporting periods for each grant are agreed as part of the grant contracting process and are also described in the grant agreements.

We aim for the grant reports to provide an opportunity for all AmplifyChange grantees to come together with their teams, beneficiary communities and partners (where relevant) and reflect on the experiences and learnings of the project.

Reporting normally takes place through AmplifyChange's online system (SMILE). You will receive further instructions about how to access your online report by email. In the meantime, below is an outline of what we will ask you to report on.

Please note: if you are an Innovation or Opportunity grantee, your first report (at the half-way stage of your grant) will be facilitated via Skype or telephone call with your point person at AmplifyChange, rather than online. The final report (at the end of your grant) will be submitted online through SMILE.​

Background information and project overview

Selected information from your application form will be displayed to give yourself and the reviewer an overview of the project. You will be asked to check this information and will be given the opportunity to provide details of any updated details. You will also be asked to describe and share progress against any technical and/or financial special conditions your grant may have.


This section focuses on the implementation results from the past reporting period. You will be asked about:

  • how you feel the project is progressing and whether there have been any changes to the project context

  • the total number of beneficiaries reached, alongside an estimation of which specific population groups were reached (such as LGBTI, sex workers, survivors of violence, girls married before age 18)
  • an update on progress against your pre-agreed milestones for each indicator. You will be able to detail whether each milestone has been achieved, whether it is in progress or is off track. Space will be provided for you to briefly comment on each milestone and to upload any evidence exists to validate this claim

  • if you would like to make changes to indicators or milestones, you will be asked to tell us the proposed changes, which can then be discussed with your Grants Manager

  • similar to the results update, you will be asked to indicate whether each activity has been achieved, is in progress or is off track. Space will be provided for you to briefly comment on each activity

We are interested to hear about your achievements as well as the challenges you are encountering so that we can learn from you, and support you to share your learning with other grantees. In this section we ask you to:

  • detail key successes and challenges encountered over the past reporting period, highlighting what you have learnt from these and what actions were taken as a result

  • share any stories of change that happened as a result of the grant 
  • report on any new partnerships and knowledge-sharing activities you were involved in with other AmplifyChange grantees and external actors. We are also interested in understanding your media presence and will ask for details of activities related to your project on various social media platforms (i.e. Twitter and/or Facebook)
  • we encourage our grantees to think up new and exciting ways of presenting key achievements and learning from their projects so we will give you the option to upload or provide a link to a different mixed-media product (photo/short video/podcast etc.) that highlights the work you are doing
  • we are keen to hear from you about our performance as Fund Manager and each time you report we will ask for your feedback on specific areas, such as responsiveness to queries, quality of our systems, and technical support provided
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