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Communications guidance

AmplifyChange Communications Guidelines

We have produced a set of communications guidelines to support you on communications matters during your project.

These Communications Guidelines are for AmplifyChange grantees – groups that are currently receiving funding from AmplifyChange.

This PDF document gives advice and rules on how to use AmplifyChange branding, advice on taking photographs and videos, profiling your project, writing tips and permissions to remember when documenting your project.

If you would like to brand your project and materials for your project with the AmplifyChange logo or name, then please adhere to these guidelines.

Click here to  visit the download page for the AmplifyChange logos​. 

AmplifyChange does not accept responsibility for any communications materials that are not in accordance with these guidelines.

Guidance for Grantees > Communications

Grantee profiling: how to publicise your project

Please note: This information is available in the downloadable Communications Guidelines (above).

Where possible and appropriate, we like to profile the work of our grantees on and use grantee materials in our communications.

We have an online grantee profiling system on our website, which provides basic information about a funded project once the signed contract has been uploaded to our online system (SMILE).

When an application has reached this status, a project will automatically have a 'profile card' and 'profile page' on

Profile cards

The profile card contains basic information about a project:

  • grant type

  • primary country of implementation

  • priority or priorities

  • project title
Anonymous grantees

Please note: if you have selected the option in your application to remain anonymous for safety reasons, when your contract is uploaded to the online SMILE system your profile card will not show your project name.

It will only show the country you are working in, the priorities you are working on and the grant type.

This means we are able to represent our full grant portfolio whilst ensuring the anonymity and safety of our grantees. 

If you did select this option to remain anonymous but have decided you do want to be profiled in our grantee profiling system, please email your AmplifyChange point person to let them know this change or email and title your email ‘Anonymity: I want to be profiled online’. Please include your grant reference number in your email.

If you did not select this option to remain anonymous but you do not want your project to be profiled in our system, please email your AmplifyChange point person to let them know or email and title your email ‘Anonymity: I do not want to be profiled online’. Please include your grant reference number in your email.

We will gather these requests for anonymity changes and update our system.

Please note: These changes may take a while to come into effect.

Profile pages

For grantees who have not requested to remain anonymous, their profile card has a 'Read More' button. This button clicks through to their grantee profile page. 

The profile page contains more information about the project:

  • grant type

  • primary country of implementation

  • priority or priorities

  • project title

  • lead organisation name

  • consortium name (if applicable)


  • profile image
  • 'About' description

The 'extras' are sections that are not automatically populated by our system - we need to receive this information from our grantees. 

How can I have the 'extras' on my profile page?

Before your application reaches 'contract uploaded' status, please start thinking about the photos you might already have of your project in action, your beneficiaries or even a team photo. The profile cards and profile pages with photos receive many more views than those without them, so sending us a photo will mean your project will receive more publicity!

In addition, please think about writing a short description of your project (no more than 100 words) that we can use in the 'About' section of your grantee profile page. Quotes from beneficiaries and facts about your project context will give a project description more interest, but we appreciate this is not always possible.

Please note: Where possible we will stay as close as possible to the original summary you have written but we reserve the right to edit the summary you send us.

How can I send these materials to AmplifyChange?

Once you have uploaded your contract to SMILE, please send us an email with your photos and project description to and title your email ‘Photos and project description for my grantee profile’. Please also provide your grant reference number. Once we receive this information from you we will upload these to the grantee profiling system.

If you have social media channels and have not sent us these details before, please let us know your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube details so we can connect online and tag you or your organisation if we feature your project.

​Please note that if you send these materials to us you are agreeing to be profiled on and potentially featured on AmplifyChange's social media channels.

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