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Advocacy Accelerator

Creating linkages between advocacy groups

AmplifyChange is excited to be involved with this new initiative, creating connections between advocacy groups to increase in-country based capacity and impact.  

Advocacy Accelerator

What is this service?

AmplifyChange grantees are invited to join Advocacy Accelerator’s Facebook group; a new, online platform for advocates to find and share information, resources, and questions about how to increase country-based advocacy capacity and impact.

The Facebook Group is moderated in English and French.

Advocacy Accelerator

How can my organisation apply?

To join the group visit the Facebook page and ask to Join group (located on the top right hand side of the page). 

Advocacy Accelerator

What other resources are available for AmplifyChange grantees?

You can also sign up to receive the Advocacy Accelerator newsletter, a publication that aims to outline what is going on in the world of advocacy.

To view a copy of the most recent Advocacy Accelerator newsletter click here. 

The Advocacy Accelerator newsletter is disseminated intermittently in English and French.

You can also download reports from their website featuring information on what stakeholders are saying is needed to strengthen advocacy and the resources they are turning to.

Advocacy Accelerator

How do I find out if this is for me or my organisation?

Brief background to the Advocacy Accelerator's goals

In addition to visiting Advocacy Accelerator's website, you can also read a brief background to this exciting initiative. It is available to download below in both English and French.  

Advocacy Accelerator


If you have any additional questions about this service, either post them in the Facebook group or reach out to the Advocacy Accelerator team directly at 

Advocacy Accelerator

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