Text version of the AmplifyChange Theory of Change

The AmplifyChange Theory of Change is a diagram that explains how AmplifyChange approaches its work to contribute to its overall mission.

At the bottom of the diagram, our four TYPES of grants are written out which are:

  • Opportunity Grant,
  • Strengthening Grant,
  • Network Grant, and
  • Partnership Grant.

Above the grant TYPES, we have our ACTION. The three actions listed are:

  • Grants for Civil Society,
  • Organisational Strengthening, and
  • Knowledge for Advocacy.

Arrows flow upwards from ACTION to RESULTS.

Under RESULTS, four are listed in a row together. They are:

  • Increase Individual awareness of SRHR as human rights;
  • Access to SRHR resources, information, and services;
  • Transform social norms; and
  • Changes in and implementation of policies and laws.

Arrows point up to the next row of RESULTS, which has one listed. It is:

  • Stronger, more inclusive movements for SRHR.

There are other arrows point up and down to each of these two rows that show that all of these outcome areas are interconnected.

Above RESULTS, we see IMPACT. All the RESULTS point upwards to IMPACT. Under IMPACT, we have five listed which are:

  • Eliminate all forms of gender-based violence;
  • Access to safe and legal abortion and post-abortion care for all;
  • Eliminate stigma and discrimination on grounds of gender or sexual orientation;
  • Access to comprehensive sexuality education and information as well as SRHR services for young people; and
  • Access to SRHR services that are rights-based, culturally appropriate and gender sensitive.

Arrows from these IMPACT areas point all the way up to the top line of the graph, VISION.

Our VISION is: Full attainment of SRHR for all, including women and girls, youth, vulnerable and marginalised groups.

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