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New step-by-step guides to improve your advocacy strategy

Learn new skills to improve your advocacy strategy with our series of animated films for AmplifyChange grantees and applicants.

The new four-part film series focuses on four key learning areas for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), which are based around the outcomes of our Theory of Change.

Featured advocacy topics in the series include: Changing policies and laws; Rights-based messaging (Communicating SRHR as a human right); Movement building and Transforming social norms.

All of the films are between four to five minutes long and follow a step-by-step approach to each of the issues mentioned above.

In the first series, we cover Changing policies and laws for SRHR, including how to:

  • Identify a common problem and plan an advocacy campaign
  • Develop clear objectives for your plan, identify decision makers and analyse stakeholders
  • Create a communications strategy,  plan tactics and assess risks

The second series focuses on Rights-based messaging. The four films look at:

  • Rights-based and non-stigmatising messaging
  • How to build a communications strategy for your advocacy
  • How to apply what you’ve learnt in the first two videos to word-based communications
  • How to apply what you’ve learnt to image-based communications

The next series is on Movement building and the three films cover:

  • Key elements to consider when building a movement
  • Some of the difficulties movements may face and how to plan for them
  • How you can apply what you’ve learnt from the previous two videos into your AmplifyChange application or grant.

In the final instalment, we look at Transforming social norms, including:

  • Examining what social norms are and how they influence different parts of society
  • How to design a social norms transformation project
  • Examples of successful social norms change projects to help inspire you.

The films are available in English or with French subtitles. Go to the dedicated playlists on our YouTube Channel.

We hope you find the films useful and we would like to hear your feedback. Please email us to let us know what you think.


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