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New learning website for AmplifyChange grantees and applicants

We have launched our learning website, AmplifyChange Learn, in French and English.​​​​​​​

AmplifyChange Learn brings together a collection of practical guides written by grantees for grantees and applicants. The website is an opportunity to share the knowledge and experience of AmplifyChange grantees on a range of sexual and reproductive health and rights topics.

The site enables you to develop your skills with a range of downloadable How to Guides covering diverse topics such as how to strengthen your organisation, practical tips on dealing with a power cut, fundraising and planning communications activities. You can share and contribute material, as well as learning how to develop your applications for future funding rounds.  

A more accessible website

Originally developed as a pilot site last year, www.amplifychangelearn.org has been redesigned and extended based on feedback from grantees.

We have added several new features to the site to improve the user experience and accessibility to the 40 plus How to Guides. The site is now available on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. We have increased the font size, improved compatibility with different browsers and made the site accessible via slow internet connections. You can also download the guides in PDF format to read offline and share with your team.

Screenshot of a website called AmplifyChange Learn. There are multi-coloured bars that have shapes with different designs at the end of them.

Giving feedback and sharing 

We greatly value the feedback and input of our grantees. We have therefore put in place a comment section below the guides, which gives users the ability to post and reply to comments.

You can offer ideas for future guides and, by using the new share function, you can send any page of the site to your friends and colleagues via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email.

New content coming soon

We are preparing several new How to Guides and later in the year we will be launching a series of podcasts linked to the topics covered by AmplifyChange Learn.

To stay up to date with all our new content make sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

We hope you enjoy discovering the How to Guides and we would like to hear your feedback. If you have comments or suggestions, please send them to communications@amplifychange.org

External link: Click here to visit AmplifyChange Learn


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