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New Grantee Reference Group for AmplifyChange

AmplifyChange’s mission is to be a global leader in building stronger, more inclusive movements for Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).

We place grassroots civil society organisations at the centre of all we do, amplifying their voices and supporting those who are best placed to lead change.

To help us achieve our vision, we take advice and guidance from grantee partners through a Grantee Reference Group (GRG).

Representing voices from the Global South

We are defined by our core values of being responsive, forward-thinking, respectful and transparent; the GRG ensures that we continuously work in ways that respond to, and are guided by, advocates in the Global South.

Providing a regular forum for open consultation with grantee partners in a safe space, the group serves as a mechanism to gain honest opinions and make adaptations to our work. The type of advice ranges from feedback on our approach and delivery of grant making, to optimising networks and movement building – including guidance on technical or geographical areas to prioritise for grant making.

Our governance and management represent a diverse group of SRHR practitioners from all over the world. The Grantee Reference Group maintains this theme by consisting of representatives from across the grant portfolio. In October 2023, the GRG structure was expanded to include a group for Francophone grantee partners. This will allow more input and feedback from organisations representing the broad scope of our portfolio and geographies. We now have five organisations from Anglophone countries and five from Francophone countries, with a total of 10 countries represented.

All the organisations are working to improve access to SRHR for marginalised groups and share this common goal with AmplifyChange.

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A GRG meeting in action

The GRG meets each quarter with the possibility for more ad-hoc gatherings through online platforms for specific events or issues. Membership to the group is voluntary and members themselves decide who to approach for inclusion based on the eligibility guidance and grant types represented. Membership to the group rotates every two years.

Opportunities to learn and reflect

So far, GRG members have reported that they find it interesting to learn more about how a grant-making organisation works and are keen to offer their reflections to enhance the work of AmplifyChange. They also enjoy the opportunity to expand their networks and share knowledge through hearing about the work of others.

We joined the Grantee Reference Group because it is rare that funding groups actively create spaces which allow for free interactions amongst grantees and where the grantees have a full voice in deciding the agenda of the group.

We hope to learn from best practices of other partners and understand the workings of AmplifyChange.

Neeru Malhotra, CEO Direct Interventions at Pravah


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