The old AmplifyChange logo sits on top of the new AmplifyChange logo, with the words 'Before' and 'After'.


Embracing growth, amplifying impact: AmplifyChange launches new brand and website

Reflecting a decade of support to civil society advocacy for sexual and reproductive health and rights, AmplifyChange’s refreshed brand identity and website amplifies the mission and vision of our organisation and centres the voices of our grantee partners.

In 2014, AmplifyChange emerged onto the donor field as a novel concept. At the time, directly supporting local and grassroots approaches to improving sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) outcomes in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) rarely factored in to global development discussions. SRHR fell to the bottom of many global health and development priority lists both nationally and globally. Activists already pushing for change in their communities navigated a challenging and sparse donor landscape. AmplifyChange’s mission is to break the silence on SRHR and amplify the voices of those advocating for improved rights and access through direct funding and support.

Over the past 10 years, AmplifyChange has been a key partner to local civil society organisations across LMIC seeking to improve SRHR in their communities. Our approach – channelling donor funding effectively and directly into the hands of local advocates – has resulted in 1,228 approved grant applications, 56 funding rounds, and over GBP 110 million* disbursed to over 600 organisations across the globe.

Through a decade of work, AmplifyChange has evolved as an organisation. We listen to and learn from civil society advocates about what they need to succeed in advocacy, while collaborating with other donors and changemakers to implement more supportive approaches to funding. While grant-making continues to be the core of our work, we are more than a fund. Beyond grants, AmplifyChange contributes to the growth, sustainability, and resiliency of civil society movements through organisational strengthening flexible funding and support. We prioritise knowledge exchange and learning amongst advocates. We continue to amplify the voices of our grantee partners through identifying opportunities to connect them with the wider global community for SRHR, helping to diversify the voices in the global conversation about SRHR advocacy best practices and successes.

AmplifyChange remains steadfastly dedicated to our vision: the full attainment of SRHR for all through building a stronger civil society, with diverse organisations who are resilient and work together to form movements for change. We recognise the evolution in our approaches and areas of work as well as the growth of the global SRHR community. Our updated brand identity, developed in consultation with our partners, reflects our commitment to this innovation and progress.

A graphic showing a before and after image of AmplifyChange's logo

A symbol of progress

The new symbol for AmplifyChange takes the form of a butterfly. It captures our continued commitment to being a stable, accessible, and trustworthy partner to civil society, while amplifying the voices of grantee partners and their communities. The two wings represent grantee partners and donors working together to achieve SRHR for all.

Butterflies universally symbolise freedom and equality. The work we fund represents not just the importance of SRHR to further gender equality, but centres the initiatives and movements pushing for freedoms across the spectrum of SRHR. This includes the freedom to exercise individual rights including SRHR, the freedom of choice, freedom to live in dignity and respect, freedom from violence, freedom to love, freedom to be safe, and freedom of expression.

Butterflies represent growth and evolution. AmplifyChange funds and supports the metamorphosis of local civil society organisations and grassroots groups into global leaders for change. Scientifically, butterflies cross-pollinate, which is critical for the survival of the environment. Cross-pollination helps create stronger, more diverse plant populations, making them healthier and more resistant to attacks. In the same way, AmplifyChange strives to promote knowledge sharing and dissemination of evidence across movements and countries in order to create stronger linkages for civil society advocacy for improved SRHR.

An image showing the evolution of AmplifyChange's symbol

Centring grantee partners

Along with our new symbol, we refreshed other areas of our brand to reflect our dedication to civil society SRHR advocacy across LMIC:

  • A more vibrant colour palette alludes to the colourful imagery and fabrics of the countries and regions where our grantee partners are based. Our core colours of yellow and black echo back to AmplifyChange’s origins.
  • Our new accent patterns take inspiration from the places where our grantee partners are based. The patterns are derived from the symbol itself.
  • Bolder, clearer typography, with a specific font to represent grantee partner voices and stories, improves accessibility of our communications and visually centres the voices of our grantee partners.
  • Refreshed iconography better represents the work we do, including new icons for our delivery streams.
An image of different types of pages that are designed in AmplifyChange's new brand

New year, new website

The development process to refresh our website included an accessibility audit to identify ways we could strengthen our digital accessibility for all users. We led a user-driven participatory review process, working closely with grantee partners and donors, to identify areas to improve website navigation, information sharing, and features. As well as showcasing the brand, AmplifyChange’s redesigned website now offers an even more intuitive and user-friendly experience:

  • Simplified Navigation: Finding information about our grants, work, and collaborations is now easier than ever.
  • Richer Content: A wealth of insightful content will contribute to a deeper understanding of our areas of focus.
  • Grantee Partner Voices: Features like our Grantee Partners page and Grantee Stories collection provides details about the advocates, activists, and changemakers that AmplifyChange supports.

Celebrating a decade of advocacy

The global SRHR community has experienced 10 years of progress, setbacks, adaptation, and innovation. AmplifyChange is proud to have taken this journey alongside civil society advocates leading positive change in SRHR in their communities.

2024 marks a significant milestone for AmplifyChange. The launch of our new visual identity kicks off a year of celebration for AmplifyChange and our partners, and we look forward to sharing our reflections and learnings from the past 10 years alongside our hopes for the future.

An image of AmplifyChange's new logo on a yellow background with a colourful border

*Of which £89m was disbursed as part of the consortium-led AmplifyChange, with MannionDaniels, Global Fund for Women, and African Women’s Development fund. Data as of 31 December 2023.


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