Cover of the Organisational Strengthening Handbook. Under the title it says The building blocks for creating a stronger organisation.


Building strong, sustainable organisations

Preview our new Organisational Strengthening Handbook

Building a strong, sustainable organisation is a bit like building a house; first you need to build solid foundations, on which everything else is built in order of importance.

To help organisations become stronger and more sustainable, we have developed a new step-by-step Organisational Strengthening Handbook. The Handbook is aimed primarily at organisations who have, or are interested in, applying for an AmplifyChange Opportunity or Strengthening grant, but it can be used by any organisation that wants to be stronger and more sustainable.

The Handbook sets out the ‘building blocks’ of best practice and explains the sequence of when you should be building these elements into your organisation and how they will strengthen your work.

In our recently updated version, we have added a dedicated section about fundraising and resource mobilisation – a cornerstone for building organisational resilience and sustainability.

External link: Click here to download our Organisational Strengthening Handbook.
Cover of the Organisational Strengthening Handbook


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