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AmplifyChange new podcast episodes: out now!

Following the success of our episodes released in early 2020, we are delighted to announce the launch of new episodes of the AmplifyChange Podcast.

A box with three headshots in it. The first photo is Ika Ayu, the second photo is Rkia Sayar, and the third photo is Emmanuel Ndabombi.

The four new episodes are in both English and French and hosted by AmplifyChange Grants Officer, Rkia Sayar.

Rkia talks to grantees from around the world about topical issues such as the impact of COVID-19, Sex Positivity, Online Advocacy and Safeguarding.

Join our host Rkia to hear insights from our specially selected guests as they share their experiences and top tips on what has worked for their organisations as well as pitfalls to avoid.

Each episode lasts between approximately 15 to 20 minutes and the series is available on our website and all popular podcast hosting services.

The first episode in the series is COVID-19: one year on and what have we learnt?

Each podcast episode is packed with insights and helpful advice. Please listen in and let us know what you think!

External link: Check out our podcast website and listen in!


The old AmplifyChange logo sits on top of the new AmplifyChange logo, with the words 'Before' and 'After'.


Embracing growth, amplifying impact: AmplifyChange launches new brand and website

AmplifyChange grantee, GIWYN at a march for ending violence against women in Nigeria. They are holding up an orange banner with the text 'End violence against women'.


#16Days: Navigating the Thin Line Between Prevention and Response to Gender-Based Violence

A group of people sit and watch a panel of four people speak about their work.


ChatSRHR: Learning from the experts at Women Deliver

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