Promoting LGBTI rights in Cameroon

Meet our Opportunity grantees – Promoting the Human Rights of Lesbians, Enhancing their Image and Giving them Confidence for the Future, Cameroon.

Opportunity grantees the Association for the Promotion of Women (AVAF) are based in Cameroon. Their project is titled ‘Promoting the human rights of lesbians, enhancing their image and giving them confidence for the future'. Their objective is to promote the human rights of lesbians in Cameroon and to challenge human right violations and stigma that lesbians encounter in the country.

Homosexuality is illegal in Cameroon, so AVAF work specifically in the area of Yaounde. They collect evidence of human right abuses against lesbians, to generate advocacy reports that can be used both nationally and internationally, if appropriate.  AVAF are hoping to establish legal assistance and advice for lesbians so they can report violations and be meaningfully represented.

Photo credit: AVAF