Wednesday 20th September 2017

Learning and evolving through grantee feedback

AmplifyChange launched its first funding call in February 2015 – only 2.5 years ago.  Since then, our Board has endorsed over 510 grants in 58 countries. We take feedback from our grantees very seriously, and use it to inform the evolution and development of the fund.

Here, we highlight how our regular feedback mechanism is yielding insights - allowing us to continuously adapt and improve how we work.

In 2016, we surveyed our grantees and over 80% of them rated interaction with AmplifyChange as excellent or very good, seeing AmplifyChange as a key partner providing much needed support in areas other funders do not prioritise (see our Results page for more information on our funding priorities).

This year we collected feedback from 145 grantee reports; this helps us drill down into specific areas to improve. We reviewed data across our grant types – Opportunity, Strengthening, Network and Strategic.

Over 70% of grantee reports rated the responsiveness of the AmplifyChange fund management team to queries/issues raised and guidance and support on key technical areas of implementation as excellent or very good

One Network grantee from Uganda told us;

The team is flexible and always creates time to provide support and clarity on different queries raised via Skype and email. Support given has enabled us to improve on the project reports both narrative and financial as well as budget.”

Suggestions for strengthening our systems and processes focused on the online system, reporting and timeliness of disbursements. Grantees continue to share solutions to the issues they face, making specific requests for technical assistance and support; more ways to share experiences and learning; and further clarification/guidance on reporting.

As a result, we have taken steps to improve our response rates to grantees by restructuring Opportunity grants into rounds like the rest of our grant types; we are also revising our reporting templates.

Ideas and suggestions from the first grantee survey in 2016 are also coming to fruition. For example, we have recently launched English and French WhatsApp groups in response to requests from the survey.  And Opportunity grantees will notice that the processing of applications is significantly faster, whilst we continue to maintain strong oversight on due diligence.

We will continue to learn and adapt to ensure we provide the best support for the movements for change being created by our grantees. If you are a grantee, please do provide feedback directly to your grants manager.  Or you can always reach us on