Empowering Transgender and Hijras to Access Sexual…

Meet our Network grantees, Empowering Transgender and Hijras to access SRHR in India, managed by India HIV/AIDS Alliance in New Delhi.

Empowering Transgender and Hijras to Access Sexual Health and Human Rights in India

The 'Empowering Transgender and Hijras to access sexual health and human rights in India’ project, managed by India HIV/AIDS Alliance based in New Delhi, will strengthen community-level responses to gender-based violence and sexual health alongside boosting social well-being among transgender and Hijras in India.

The project aims to increase health and human rights access through community system strengthening, with help of the community based organisations in four states. It will support efforts to mainstream transgender issues and increase policies, by working with key stakeholders to further-strengthen social implementation of the transgender well-being policies since the ‘Third Gender Judgement' issued by the Supreme Court of India in April 2014.

The India HIV/AIDS Alliance will support a multi-dimensional, transgender and Hijra-led approach to tackling stigma and discrimination. This includes strengthening the capacity of a network of ten Hijra-led Community Based Organisations in the five Indian states of Gujurat, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

This network will work to strengthen state-level service provision for Hijras including HIV prevention, legal and social support. By working closely with these Hijra-led CBOs, India HIV/Aids Alliance aims to reduce stigma, increase sexual and reproductive health services and build community leadership.

The project will strengthen the awareness of transgender issues among policy makers, the judiciary, health workers and police at a state- and national level, as well as developing support structures and increase awareness of SRH rights among Hijras. A ‘leadership role model’ campaign will also be run on social media, to provide a popularly recognised brand for the issue, increase dignity and reduce stigmatisation of the transgender community in India.

Find out more at www.allianceindia.org.

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