Thursday 10th December 2015

Alliance Droits & Santé - Advocating for Reproductive Health and Rights in Francophone West Africa

Alliance Droits & Santé is a network of Francophone West African civil society groups advocating for reproductive health and rights in a region where women are often left behind by donors and policy makers.

Francophone West African countries have some of the lowest rates of contraceptive use in the world. Consequently women face the highest levels of fertility and maternal mortality worldwide.

Our Network Grantees Alliance Droits & Santé, led by Burkina Faso-based NGO ASMADE and supported by Equilibres & Populations, will strengthen the capacity of civil society groups from Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger and Senegal to hold policy-makers accountable for Family Planning and SRHR commitments made in the Ouagadougou Declaration.

The Network Grant will also support the development of online organisational capacity building webinars, which will reach organisations advocating for SRHR across Francophone Africa.

Alliance Droits & Santé


Equilibres & Populations