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Knowledge generation is crucial to shaping local, national, and international efforts to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). The work that grantee partners do to promote SRHR across the globe generates valuable learning about the needs of civil society advocacy, and we strive to share this knowledge with other civil society advocates and the broader SRHR community.

Click below to access a range of valuable resources aimed at supporting civil society advocacy for SRHR.

Organisational Strengthening Handbook

To help organisations become stronger and more sustainable, we have developed a step-by-step Organisational Strengthening Handbook. The Handbook is aimed primarily at organisations who have applied, or are interested in applying, for an AmplifyChange Opportunity or Strengthening grant, but it can be used by any organisation that wants to grow stronger and more sustainable.

The Handbook sets out the ‘building blocks’ of best practice and explains when you should be building these elements into your organisation and how they will strengthen your work.

  • Download the Organisational Strengthening Handbook (3,303.74 KB PDF File)

AmplifyChange Learn

AmplifyChange Learn brings together a collection of practical guides written by our grantee partners. The website is an opportunity to share grantee partners’ knowledge and experience on a range of sexual and reproductive health and rights topics with the broader SRHR community.

The site enables you to develop your skills with a range of How to Guides covering diverse topics such as how to strengthen your organisation, fundraise, build advocacy skills, and effectively address SRHR priorities.

External link: Visit AmplifyChange Learn

The AmplifyChange Podcast

The AmplifyChange Podcast is a rich source of knowledge and information for SRHR activists. The podcast features guests from our grantee partners around the world talking about topical issues like COVID-19, sex positivity, fundraising, building networks, and using media for change. Join our hosts to hear insights from specially selected guests as they share their experience and top tips on what has worked for them and their organisations in SRHR advocacy.

External link: Visit our podcast page

AmplifyChange YouTube Channel

On the AmplifyChange YouTube channel, we amplify voices that drive change and provide valuable guidance to support organisations. You can explore a diverse range of videos that not only highlight grassroots efforts, inspiring stories, and transformative initiatives focused on SRHR, but also offer essential insights for organisations working in this space and seeking to collaborate with AmplifyChange. Join us on our channel and watch how to advocate for change and create a world where every individual’s SRHR is respected.

External link: Visit our YouTube channel

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We love to hear from like-minded organisations, partners, and supporters of SRHR. If you’d like to speak about our work further, please reach out.

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