1. Grants Portal

AmplifyChange grantee partners use the Grants Portal to apply for grants, report and evaluate their projects. It is useful to be familiar with our online grants management system as this will play a vital role in the management of your grant.

As of November 2022, we are using a new grants management system, Fluxx. Fluxx will manage future funding rounds and active AmplifyChange projects.

A select few grantee partners will still access our old system, SMILE.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Fluxx guides

Fluxx overview guidance

Fluxx is the name of AmplifyChange’s grants management system.

This portal and associated processes will allow the AmplifyChange team to better serve you, our grantee partners. We aim to save you time and effort and improve the clarity of our grant-making processes and requirements.

Please read the guides below to help get you started on how to access the Grants Portal. We will continue to add new guidance as we develop.

For an overview of key topics, consult our Fluxx Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

SMILE guides

SMILE overview guidance

SMILE is the name of our previous grants management system. We transitioned to a new system, Fluxx, in November 2022.

Some grantee partners will continue to use the SMILE system to manage their ongoing projects until early 2023. Here is a guide to support those organisations.