6. Financial guidance

In this section you will find guides and templates to help you plan and manage the financial aspects of your AmplifyChange grant.

Our policy is to allow as much flexibility as possible in your financial management, but you must use our guides and templates when applying for a grant, budgeting, and reporting to us. This ensures that we receive the same information from all grantees.

Budgeting and reporting templates are the same for all grant types except Opportunity grants, which have simpler requirements because they are smaller.

Please note that many of these files are ‘read-only’ PDF documents for preview and guidance purposes. We require all budget templates and financial reports to be downloaded from our online grant management system (SMILE), completed and uploaded back into the system.

We have prepared a User Guide film to explain our financial reporting requirements and templates in more detail.

Please note, as of 2021 AmplifyChange is operating as a Pound Sterling (GBP) denominated fund. If your approved grant is in GBP, please substitute references to Euros (EUR) for GBP where they appear in the guidance documents and films.

Guidance for all grants

This document describes the basic reporting requirements for all AmplifyChange grantees and applicants.

Financial guidance 1: Principles of reporting (PDF)

This document contains advice for working with exchange rates (please note: if your grant was awarded in GBP, your Grants Manager will have emailed you this guide in GBP).

Financial guidance 3: Guide to exchange rates (PDF)

User Guide film 3: Financial reporting requirements and budget templates

Please click on your grant type below for guidance and templates

Opportunity Grant

Guidance to download

Budget revisions

If you need to make significant changes to your budget once your project is active you must speak with your Grants Manager.
Please see the financial guidelines for further information on when a budget revision will be required.