2. Due diligence

If you are awarded a provisional grant, your organisation will be required to undergo a financial management assessment (FMA). The assessment will be led by an experienced member of the AmplifyChange fiduciary risk team.

The assessment must take place before you sign your grant agreement and before any funds are released by us – this process is known as due diligence. It will be a desk-based process or through a face-to-face meeting at your registered office, dependant on the type of funding you applied for. We do not expect due diligence to take more than two months if all our requests are actioned on time. At the same time as due diligence, we will also go through our pre-contracting requirements with you.

Initially, you will be asked to complete and return a self-assessment questionnaire, alongside supporting documents such as key policies and procedures. The questionnaire explores your organisation’s governance and internal control, your ability to deliver your proposed project,  financial stability, and downstream delivery partner management.

It is important to note that if you do not have all the funding requirements in place, we want to hear about it so that we can make suitable recommendations. Please note that not having everything in place does not necessarily mean you will be unable to secure funding.

The AmplifyChange team will prepare and complete an FMA report. Your final FMA report will be shared with you so that – if required – you can put a plan in place to deliver against our recommendations. Please note; these recommendations will become conditions of your grant agreement.

For more information on our grant cycle, and what we require from you following a provisional grant, including the due diligence and FMA process, please see our user guide film below. You can also access detailed guidance on how to strengthen your organisation’s policies and structures, in line with our FMA requirements, in our Building Blocks Handbook.

User Guide film 2: Grantee life cycle, due diligence and FMA requirements