7. Communications

AmplifyChange exists to break the silence on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). We are proud to support our grantees’ work to advocate for SRHR as human rights. We profile the work and voices of grantees by featuring them at the centre of our communications. The communications guides in this section will show you how to promote your AmplifyChange grant to key audiences. Topics covered in this section include: using AmplifyChange branding, explaining grantee profiles on our website, film and photography tips, using social media and permissions to remember when documenting your project.

More communications advice, including guidance on how to communicate SRHR as a human right, can be found in the Knowledge section of the website. Browse the menu below to read more and download the guides.

Using AmplifyChange branding

How to use AmplifyChange branding correctly

Can I use the AmplifyChange logo for my project?

Yes – we give permission for grantees to use our branding on any communications materials, although there is no formal requirement to do so. The materials must be used for a project that we are funding and you must follow our brand guidelines, which can be downloaded in the Communications guidelines below.

Example materials that may display our branding can include: banners; organisational signage; leaflets; vehicles; clothing; education and communication (IEC) materials.

AmplifyChange does not accept responsibility for any communications materials that are not in accordance with our guidelines.

Branding rules and permissions

Any printed or digital materials that contain AmplifyChange branding must be in-keeping with our priorities and not damaging to the reputation of the fund. We will not condone the use of our branding on material that is not in support of these priorities.

For advice on how to use our branding correctly for print and digital purposes, please refer to the branding guidelines in chapter one of the Communications guidelines below.

We do not need to approve the use of our branding, providing all guidance in this document is adhered to. If you are unsure whether you have used our logo correctly, please send an example or picture of your materials for us to review and we will advise you by email.

Download the AmplifyChange logo

To brand your communications materials, grantees must use images supplied by AmplifyChange, not taken from emails or the internet.

Please click on the link below to download a folder containing the official AmplifyChange logos for print and digital use.

AmplifyChange Communications guides

Download our Communications guidelines

These Communications guidelines give advice on how to use AmplifyChange branding, tips for taking good quality photographs and films, profiling your project, writing tips and rules and permissions to remember when documenting your project.

We also have an additional guide on mobile storytelling. This document shows you how to produce good quality films in the field with minimal equipment

You can download it here, using the link below.

Grantee profiling

How to publicise your project on our website

AmplifyChange supports a network of grantees working to improve SRHR across the world. To show the reach of our grantee’s work, and to encourage collaboration, we display all live AmplifyChange grants via profile cards on our Projects page. Profile cards allow our website users to explore the grant portfolio, see which countries grantees are working in and which priority themes they are responding to.

Unless a grantee chooses to remain anonymous for security reasons, all grantees are given a profile card providing basic information about their project when a signed contract has been uploaded to our online grant management system (SMILE).

When an application reaches the signed status, the website will automatically create a profile card below the Projects map.

What is a profile card?

The profile card is displayed below the map on the Projects page of our website and contains basic information about your AmplifyChange grant:

  • project title
  • country of implementation
  • grant type
  • priority themes

You have the option to add an image of your project to your profile card. If no image is displayed, the space will remain blank with the AmplifyChange logo.

Profiles for anonymous grantees

Many grantees work in the most challenging contexts, where they can face discrimination and threats to their safety because of the advocacy work they do.

If you select the option to remain anonymous for safety reasons in your application, your profile card will not show your project name and or display a picture. For anonymous grantees, the card will only show the country, priority theme(s) and grant type.

This means we can represent our full grant portfolio while ensuring the anonymity and safety of our grantees.

If you would like to change your anonymous status, please contact us.

How can I show a picture on my profile card?

Before your application reaches the ‘contract uploaded’ stage in our online grant management system (SMILE), please think about any suitable photos you may have of your project in action, your beneficiaries or your team that you can use for your profile card.

Once you have uploaded your contract to SMILE, please send an email with your photo to amplifychange@manniondaniels.com, along with your grant reference number.

We will then upload the image to your profile card. Sending a photo means your profile will stand out more on the website.

How can I share updates with AmplifyChange?

Connect with us on social media

We always like to hear about your events and see updates from your project. Where possible, we will help to share your messages and amplify the reach of your work.

The best way to connect with us is via social media.

Please share your messages and pictures with us by tagging the following accounts: