Unique funding for LGBTI rights in India

The Humsafar Trust, HIV/AIDS Alliance India, SAATHII and the Human Rights Law Network

Strengthening grant
Unique funding for LGBTI rights in India
AmplifyChange grantees campaigned for the recent decriminalisation of gay sex in India. Partners are now rolling out the implementation of the legislation

Ensuring implementation of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Section 377

Following their successes in supporting the decriminalising of same sex sexual relationship in India by the Supreme Court in 2018, AmplifyChange grantees are now rolling out community awareness of the changes. This helps spread the word so people know that gay sex is now legal. This is a clear example of the tangible impact our grantees are having – achieving policy gains and then ensuring practical implementation.

Addressing discriminatory policies:
Working to amend the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2016

Continuing their focus on addressing discriminatory policies in India, grantees including HIV/AIDS Alliance India, The Humsafar Trust, SAATHII (and their networks of around 30 other LGBTI organisations across India) together with the Human Rights Law Network, have turned their attention to the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill of2016.

The Bill was passed into law this year (2019). It is totally unacceptable to the transgender and hijra community. It does not incorporate the specific directions given by the Supreme Court to the Central Government nor the extensive inputs from civil society and substantial work is now required to make changes to the law.

AmplifyChange is supporting the movement of organisations to bring about appropriate amendments to the law. The group which brings together transgender activists and legal organisations is conducting regional and national consultations on transgender rights to ensure that voices are heard, and the law is amended.