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AmplifyChange focuses support where the needs are greatest. We successfully fund a wide range of civil society groups based in Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East. We support grantee partners to build stronger, more inclusive movements for change. Strengthening connectivity across our grantee partners creates and sustains long-term social transformation and solidarity.

Since 2014…

58Funding rounds

1281Grants approved

£113mFunds disbursed

89%of our grants go to small and medium sized organisations

55%of our grants are implemented in ‘not-to-be-missed countries’

98%of our grants are implemented where civic space is rated as closed, repressed or obstructed by Civicus Monitor

Distribution of our grants

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Featured stories

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Grantee stories

Nothing About Us, Without Us: Improving SRHR access for persons with disabilities in Rwanda


Priorities: Stigma, Access, Youth

A young woman wearing a pink scarf sits in the middle of a circle of people outside. She is raising her arms above her head and singing

Grantee stories

Youth voices matter: for the youth, by the youth, with the youth


Priorities: Stigma, Youth, Violence

A group of people in colourful clothing standing for a group photo

Grantee stories

Breaking the taboo on menstrual health through engagement with traditional leaders


Priorities: Stigma, Youth

Why partner with us?


Our ambitious strategy is built on a proven track record of being a welcome partner for grassroots groups advocating for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and providing value for money for our supporters. 


Through our due diligence processes, including financial management assessments and recommendations to organisations seeking funding, we support the growth of organisations while taking all steps necessary for fiduciary responsibility.


We keep an open line of communication between our team and our grantee partners, working closely during the grant life cycle to build trust and support. This ensures effective response to any changes in the project or advocacy environments.


We closely collaborate with partners and like-minded allies across the sector to ensure mutual support for civil society initiatives on SRHR. Through engagement and partnership, we avoid duplication of efforts and push for innovation.

*Data on this page includes both the consortium-led AmplifyChange project and AmplifyChange organisation. Data as of 15 April 2024.

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We love to hear from like-minded organisations, partners, and supporters of SRHR. If you’d like to speak about our work further, please reach out.

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