Our project aims to improve the lives of young people including LGBTs by enabling them to understand and claim their SRHR. Stigma, taboos and discriminatory laws and policies leave young LGBTs isolated and vulnerable, often unable to access the services they need and excluded from social structures. We aim to end this exclusion by challenging stigma and bringing about a greater societal awareness of and acceptance for the SRHR of all young people, especially LGBTs. We will connect youth advocates with influential actors and stakeholders. We will strengthen evidence-based advocacy skills of youth advocates and CSOs to meaningfully participate in policy processes and train them to lobby for SRHR and LGBT rights at all levels.

Stichting Radio Nederland Wereldomroep / RNW Media

RNW Media

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Stichting Radio Nederland Wereldomroep / RNW Media

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RNW Media


Youth, Stigma

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Strategic Grant