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Community-driven solutions to end FGM/C

Grantee Partner: Samburu Girls Foundation

Grant type: Strengthening

Priorities: Violence, Stigma

Country: Kenya

Samburu Girls Foundation’s mission is to eliminate harmful practices in the Samburu region of Kenya, including FGM/C, child marriage, beading, sexual violence and related GBV abuses. They work at the community level, engaging a wide range of human rights approaches to community social norm transformation. Samburu Girls Foundation’s movement building approach is culturally sensitive, culturally relevant and practical.

Through their project, Samburu Girls Foundation has created a network of engaged stakeholders at various levels, working alongside a movement of youth ambassadors who have been integrated into a larger national network of youth advocates to increase awareness of GBV work in Kenya. They have partnered with the Samburu County Gender Sector Working Group and are contributing to a roadmap to end FGM/C based on community-identified problems, practices, and needs. By engaging communities directly, they have supported the development of holistic and sustainable community-based action plans to end harmful traditional practices and SGBV.

Grantee Stories

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Grantee stories

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