A group of people including police officers are posed in front of a building holding a large banner.

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Challenging stigma towards the Cameroonian LGBTI community

Grantee Partner: Cameroonian Foundation for AIDS

Grant type: Strengthening

Priorities: Stigma, Access

Country: Cameroon

CAMFAIDS advocates for improved rights of LGBTI people in Cameroon, engaging with media, local authorities, and communities to reduce discrimination and violence against the LGBTI community. They provide access to services and referrals to LGBTI people for legal, psychosocial, and health needs. CAMFAIDS works closely with other LGBTI and human rights organisations in Cameroon to ensure holistic support for LGBTI people.

A group of people including police officers are posed in front of a building holding a large banner.
Group photo after a monitoring visit to the local administration

In the first six months of their project, CAMFAIDS supported an intersex girl who was a survivor of a violent attack that had been filmed and disseminated through social media. They helped her through legal proceedings and connected her with psychosocial support and healthcare facilities. The case was tried and the perpetrator found guilty—one of the rare times that a case like this has been prosecuted successfully in Cameroon due to the stigma that the LGBTI community faces.

Grantee Stories

A young woman holds up a handmade fabric pad.

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Three people sit outside on a bench, in conversation.

Grantee stories

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