What are we looking for?

Network grant

What are we looking for?

Network grant > What are we looking for?

Who will we support?

 What type of organisations are we looking to support?

This funding round is primarily intended for southern-based organisations able to provide ongoing support, training, peer learning and mentoring to cohorts of small-to-medium civil society organisations working at the national level in a single country, or sub-national level in large, federal countries (such as Nigeria, India, Pakistan), or across multiple countries within a region.

The ultimate outcome of these grants will be stronger SRHR movements and campaigns in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and in countries within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) that are listed as a recipient country by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC). 

Applications should propose an effective approach to ongoing monitoring and relationship-building with civil society organisations. This may include costs for: 

  • Inclusive leadership: advocates are stronger when they work together, but more resilient when actors can each stand-in-their-own-right. Successful advocacy gets the best from a combination of SRHR expertise and diverse connections. The network grant therefore supports efforts to coordinate campaigning across multiple organisations and their public supporter base

  • Connecting and community-building: including but not exclusively physically convening, mentoring or facilitating exchanges as part of establishing a stronger community of professional advocates and emerging leaders to SRHR. This would help to create the development of professional identity and career pathways for emerging advocacy leaders

  • Linking and learning: to support stronger learning within SRHR advocacy communities. We will support learning activities such as the sharing of best practice or the honest appraisal of failed initiatives. We will also support the production of evidence on advocacy impact and effectiveness of advocacy practice

The annual value of the grant cannot exceed 50% of the lead organisation’s average annual expenditure over the last 3 years. So, for example, if you are applying for a grant of EUR250,000 over 24 months and you would receive EUR125,000 each year, you would need to be able to demonstrate that your organisation’s average annual expenditure for the last 3 years was at least EUR250,000 per year. 

Network grant > What are we looking for?

Coalitions and consortia

AmplifyChange will fund applications made on behalf of a coalition.

If you are applying as part of a coalition you should identify an applicant organisation to complete the application and hold the grant agreement as the lead. A coalition is defined as an established partnership, a consortium, a group of organisations or individuals who share a collective identity and who are cooperating to achieve a joint mission or deliver a project together. For more inspiration on coalitions see this short video

Lead organisations will hold a grant agreement with AmplifyChange. The lead will take overall responsibility for the project’s delivery and finances. This includes conducting due diligence on sub-contracted partners as well as consolidating timely technical and financial reports to AmplifyChange on behalf of all partners. 

More details about coalitions and consortia are provided in the application process section. 

Network grant > What are we looking for?


What outcomes do we expect from the grant?

The current funding round will aim to identify Network grantees who will work across one or more of the following areas for action to:

-Measurably improve the capacity and leadership of emerging small-to-medium sized civil society organisations including AmplifyChange grantees where appropriate   

-Identify, capture and disseminate best practice and learning across countries to boost advocacy effectiveness amongst small-to-medium sized civil society organisations 

-Support evidence-generation by and/or alongside small-to-medium sized civil society organisations to help them to assess and demonstrate impact, and/or improve advocacy effectiveness  

Leading to:    

-Stronger SRHR movements and campaigns that build a critical mass of support, manage opposition or leverage intersections to refresh and sustain SRHR movements.  

-Stronger coordination across like-minded organisations and a wider support base 

Please see the AmplifyChange Theory of Change​ for more information about the role of stronger, more inclusive movements in AmplifyChange’s grant-making.  

Network grant > What are we looking for?

Current Priorities

What priority themes are we encouraging applications for?

AmplifyChange welcomes all applications that address our five priority themes. Please note that whilst we will consider applications that support all 5 priority themes, if more applications are recommended for funding by our Independent Technical Review Panel than we can fund, we will moderate in favour of projects that fulfil our fund benchmarks and results framework.

We would especially encourage applications from networks working on the following issues, which we have highlighted to ensure complementarity within our overall portfolio, and a response to issues that are the most neglected.  

Our terminology of ‘especially encourage’ means that if there are high-quality applications that are equal in all other respects, we will moderate for the following:  

Topic areas:   

Safe Abortion networks (particularly those supporting emerging movements in West, Central and North Africa)  

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex networks supporting civil society organisations in West and Central Africa  

Networks working to improve access to comprehensive reproductive health services for poor, vulnerable and marginalised populations (for example, people living with disability). This may include efforts to ensure SRHR is incorporated into national Universal Health Care programmes as per the UN Sustainable Development Goal 3.8.  


Applications focused on building the capacity and leadership of small and medium sized civil society organisations   

Applications focused on supporting the advocacy efforts of civil society organisations seeking to bring about positive policy and legal reform on AmplifyChange priority themes  

We encourage our applicants to consult the AmplifyChange Theory of Change​ in further detail. 

Network grant > What are we looking for?

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