What are we looking for?

Strengthening grant

What are we looking for?

Strengthening grants support particular, usually time-limited, projects (6-24 months) that seek to engage and contribute to bringing about specific change in one or more of the priority themes of AmplifyChange. We do this by financing advocacy activities across the 5 outcome areas of the AmplifyChange Theory of Change. 

Alongside financing advocacy activities, strengthening grants are also intended to strengthen the organisational development and effectiveness of small to medium civil society organisations, partnerships and coalitions who are operating at a local, community, district or national level. Up to 40% of the project budget may be allocated to organisational development and effectiveness. Examples include (but are not exclusive to): 

Building your organisational culture and practices: 

  • Fundraising – including business development, income generation and proposal-design  
  • Strengthen management and leadership practices 
  • Building the skills of team members and volunteers 
  • Strengthening financial management and control 

Systems and infrastructure: 

  • Investments in electricity supply and other utilities (using environmentally sustainable methods as far as possible) 
  • Investments in computer software and training 
  • Office furniture and equipment

Technical quality: 

  • Strengthening technical knowledge and practices related to an SRHR theme (e.g. clinical, public health or legal knowledge and practices) 
  • Enhancing the technical quality of advocacy and communications activities 
  • Enhancing the quality of monitoring and evaluation 
  • Using research, performance and impact monitoring results to support a culture of improvement and boost decision-making and engagement within your organisation or enhance external relations 
  • Increasing the organisation’s engagement with the public and establishing new connections and networks for advocacy 
Strengthening grant > What are we looking for?

What are we looking for in this funding round?

For this funding window we anticipate awarding approximately 60 Strengthening grants.

In this call we will consider applications that seek to support both advocacy activities as well as investments in organisational development and effectiveness.

Up to 40% of the proposed budget may be allocated to organisational development and effectiveness that supports the development and execution of capacity building plans (i.e. core costs).

We review all eligible Strengthening grant applications we receive. A key review criterion we will use in assessing them is whether the proposed work specifically sets out to contribute to our results framework and benchmarks. The guidance on our priorities, including Levers for change and Possible entry points for policy change offer examples of strategies and activities we seek to support:

Addressing gender-based violence - Levers for change

Addressing the causes of unsafe abortion - Levers for change

Challenging stigma and discrimination - Levers for change

Improving sexual health of young people - Levers for change

Increasing access for marginalised and vulnerable groups - Levers for change

We expect this funding round to be highly competitive, so in the instance that more applications are recommended than we can fund we will prioritise those applications that include the following objectives:
  • Establishment of rigorous advocacy plans for policy and/or law reform and/or defence. If you would like practical advice on how to establish a rigorous advocacy plan, please see our forthcoming user guide
  • Increased participation of civil society in policy and budgetary processes
  • Improvement of national policies, laws, budget allocations through civil society engagement to create a more favourable environment for SRHR
  • Increase the range of SRHR services, including information and products, available

We make funding decisions based on an independent review process, and we take into account our policy and operational benchmarks. When organisations are recommended for funding, they then undergo integrity due diligence checks and financial management assessments. More guidance on how we work and make funding decisions is available here. We anticipate the review and checking process will take until early-mid 2018. We anticipate that grants will start in Quarter 3 2018.

We can provide support to cover costs related to:
  • Implementing specific activities in line with one or more of the AmplifyChange priority areas
  • Staff costs including support staff
  • Technical assistance costs
  • Travel costs associated with the project objectives and activities
  • Organisational capacity building and strengthening support including staff training and development
  • Activity monitoring and evaluation costs
  • Indirect project support costs. These are expenses which are incurred in the support of operational activities including, for example, rent, shared utility costs and audit fees
Strengthening grant > What are we looking for?

What type of funding is provided through a Strengthening grant?

AmplifyChange provides flexible funding to enable groups to achieve their advocacy activities and goals. Strengthening grants can support a wide range of activities, as long as they support AmplifyChange priority themes. 

Therefore, we can fund costs to enable a Strengthening grantee to:  

  • Conduct specific activities in line with one or more of the AmplifyChange priority themes and outcome areas 
  • Receive capacity building support including staff training and development  
  • Cover essential support costs and operational expenses including rent  
  • Cover staff costs including support staff  
  • Cover technical assistance costs  
  • Cover travel costs associated with the project objectives and activities  
Strengthening grant > What are we looking for?

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