Strengthening grant

Frequently Asked Questions

This section of the website covers frequently asked questions on Strengthening grants. If you cannot see the answer to your question listed below, please check our general FAQs​​.

Strengthening grant - FAQs

Is it possible for an organisation to be a partner in more than one application for this Strengthening grant call?

Yes, it is possible for an organisation to be a partner in multiple applications. There is no limit to the number of applications an organisation may submit or the number of partnerships you can join. 

Strengthening grant - FAQs

I have received funding from donors associated with AmplifyChange before, will this affect the chances of my organisation receiving funding for a Strengthening grant?

This information is only for our records. It helps to shape our understanding of our grant portfolio. It will not play a part in the decision making for Strengthening grants.  

I'm applying on behalf of a coalition, is it possible to support organisational strengthening for multiple organisations and/or the common capacity of the coalition, such as a secretariat, or can we only budget for strengthening of the lead applicant?

All options are possible. An application made on behalf of a coalition could invest in the organisational strengthening of a specific organisation, multiple organisations within a coalition or the common infrastructure of a coalition. 

Strengthening grant - FAQs

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