Review process

How we work

Review process

How we work - Review process

Steps to deciding on a grant application:

PHASE 1 - CONCEPT NOTE/EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST (Network and Strategic grants only) 

STEP 1: Groups submit concept notes/expressions of interest by advertised deadlines. The AmplifyChange secretariat or Technical Review Panel screens the concept note/expression of interest for: 

  • Coherence and compliance with grant purpose 
  • Clarity of organisational core mission 
  • Clarity of coalition structure 
  • Clarity of project approach 
  • Clarity of financial management approach 

STEP 2: If the number of applications still far exceeds the amount available for funding, AmplifyChange prioritises those concept notes/expressions of interest that offer most potential in contributing to our priority themes and geographic –and “Not to be Missed” – priorities. Groups submitting successful concept notes/expressions of interest are invited to submit a full application. 

PHASE 2: FULL APPLICATIONS (for short-listed Strategic and Network applicants and for all Opportunity and Strengthening grant applicants) 

STEP 1: The AmplifyChange secretariat refers full applications to the TRP after ensuring completeness and compliance. 

STEP 2: The TRP undertakes a technical review and scores applications according to these criteria: 

  • Relevance of proposed project 
  • Organisational capacity 
  • Sustainability and costs 
  • Risk and mitigation 

STEP 3: The final funding decisions, made by the Independent Advisory Board, take account geography and response to priority themes.