Strengthening grant

Strengthening grant

This funding round is now closed. 

Thank you to all who submitted applications.

Strengthening grant

Guidance webinars

If you missed our introductory webinar for the Strengthening round 3 grant call on the 30 November 2017, you can watch a recording on our YouTube channel by clicking on the links below.  

On 9 January 2018, we hosted a second guidance webinar on selecting milestones and indicators and completing the budget template. You can watch the recording by clicking on the links below.

Looking for more advice on how to write an application?
Check out our user guide on application writing and see our user guide series for much more.  

Strengthening grant

What is a Strengthening grant?

Strengthening grants support time-limited, projects (usually 6-24 months) that seek to engage and contribute to bringing about change in one or more of the SRHR priority themes of AmplifyChange. We ask grantees to see our Theory of Change and think about which outcome they will contribute to through their proposed project.

Up to 40% of a Strengthening Grant can also be used to support the costs of organisational development and boosting organisational effectiveness of an organisation dedicated to strengthening SRHR. 

Strengthening grants range from EUR40,000 - EUR100,000.  

We receive strong competition for Strengthening grants. Therefore, we encourage applicants to provide realistic budgets to match their proposed approach, and not just apply for the maximum amount available.  

We will not consider grants below EUR40,000 or exceeding EUR100,000 in budget.   

Strengthening grant

Who are Strengthening grants for?

Strengthening grants are intended to do what their name suggests – to support, strengthen quality and scale-up the work of small to medium civil society organisations, partnerships and coalitions who are operating at a local, community, district or national level. 

Strengthening grants are also intended to support organisational development and boost effectiveness of groups; we understand that this enables groups to better implement projects that are aiming to secure specific change.  

Strengthening grant

What is the Strengthening grant call for?

This Strengthening grant call focuses on supporting advocacy campaigns and organisational development within civil society organisations seeking to bring about positive change in one of the AmplifyChange priority themes or a justifiable intersection or combination of themes.

In this call for Strengthening grant proposals, we will consider proposals working to strengthening one or more of the outcome areas that AmplifyChange supports. These are:

  • Increasing individual awareness of SRHR as human rights 
  • Improving access to SRHR resources, information and services 
  • Transforming social norms 
  • Changing policies and laws 
  • Building stronger, more inclusive movements for SRHR

For more information please consult the AmplifyChange Theory of Change​. 

Please note that whilst we will consider activities that support all 5 outcome areas, if more applications are recommended for funding by our Independent Technical Review Panel than we can fund, we will moderate in favour of projects that fulfil our fund benchmarks and results framework. More details are provided below. 

Strengthening grant

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