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Strategic grant

What are we looking for?

Strategic grant > What are we looking for?

What priority themes are we encouraging applications for?

AmplifyChange welcomes all applications that address our five priority themes. However, Strategic grants aim to add value. Strategic grants are part of a growing portfolio of southern-led SRHR advocacy grants that AmplifyChange has already awarded. This guidance has therefore also considered the current composition of the AmplifyChange portfolio and missing-themes from the applications we receive.

We would therefore especially encourage applications from organisations that work globally and regionally on the following issues within the 5 thematic areas of AmplifyChange. Our terminology of ‘especially encourage’ means that if there are high-quality applications that are equal in all other respects, we will moderate for the following:  

Intersections between gender-based violence and barriers to safe abortion:   
Approaches that strengthen advocacy for safe abortion, including responding to the intersections between gender-based violence and barriers to accessing a safe abortion.  

Challenging stigma, discrimination, attitudes and laws:  
Support to the development of LGBTI rights movements, focusing on supporting organisations in parts of the world where movements are effectively non-existent or most underdeveloped.  

Sexual health of young people:   
Systematic approaches to mainstreaming comprehensive sexuality education, including its systematic implementation within schools and out-of-school approaches in regions with the weakest commitment to comprehensive sexuality education.  

Menstrual hygiene, including the role of advocacy in expanding access to sanitary products, removing stigma around menstruation and the role of menstrual hygiene management information and empowerment in comprehensive sexuality education.  

Access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services:   
Approaches that build advocacy movements that respond to strengthen SRHR and access to SRH services for people living with disability.  

Strategic grant > What are we looking for?

Areas for action a Strategic grant must support

Essential areas for action

Successful Strategic grant applications will be those that address both of these two essential areas for action:

1. Essential: Supporting national policy and advocacy by bringing the voices and experiences of civil society organisations in the Global South to the attention of policy-makers within global and/or regional policy fora, where part of a wider project. 

2. Essential: Advocacy, campaigning, engagement and influencing for policy at the global and/or regional level for sexual and reproductive health and rights, as informed and supported by country level networks, partner action and knowledge;  

In addition, successful Strategic grant applications will be those that also demonstrate competence and capability in at least two of the following six areas of action:  

1. Informing and enabling individuals and civil society to be aware of and make the case for their sexual and reproductive health rights and the services they need to access to realise their rights;  

2. Contributing to the global body of evidence, norms and standards that help shape sexual and reproductive health and rights policy and that help increase access to comprehensive services for the most marginalised and vulnerable;  

3. Strengthening the capacity of local advocacy organisations in the Global South and Southern-based SRHR leaders as part of building the movement for sexual and reproductive health and rights and supporting partnerships across civil society at the global level and at national or local level. Supporting civil society in the Global South to generate, understand and use evidence effectively. Applications that demonstrate a commitment to working with existing AmplifyChange grantees will be preferred /especially welcome.  

4. Strengthening the ‘pipeline’ of leadership development to ensure committed, passionate and skilled leaders from the Global South are leading the development of movements for the most neglected SRHR themes.  

5. Supporting innovative approaches to increase access to services especially for groups who are marginalised or discriminated against to demonstrate “proof of concept” for scale-up and wider impact (such as, but not limited to, task-sharing, introduction of new technologies and products, or new models of services to address SRHR issues or the needs of excluded groups).  

6. Developing partnerships and connections between groups to build stronger SRHR movements.  

Strategic grant > What are we looking for?

Definitions and expectations to assist applicants 

By “organisations that work internationally”, we mean an organisation not affiliated to government and an organisation able to operate across regions.

By “operate across regions”, we are referring to the regions of West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa or South Asia.  

By “proven track record and capability in advocating for policy to strengthen sexual and reproductive health and rights within global or regional level processes”, we mean organisations able to lead strategic programmes or global/regional campaigns to influence formulation of development goals or contribute to change within policy, norms and standards setting processes.  

Strategic grant > What are we looking for?

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