Strategic grant FAQs

Strategic grant > FAQs 

Strategic grant FAQs

This funding round is now closed.

Thank you for all the Letters of Intent submitted. All applicants who submitted have been notified if they were successful or unsuccessful via email. Only those who were successful have been invited to submit a full application. 

The deadline for full applications is 7th November 2017 at 5pm, GMT.

Strategic grant > FAQs 

What is the maximum duration of the Strategic round 2 grant?

The maximum duration of this grant is 2 years. 

Strategic grant > FAQs 

What will be the start date of the grant? 

We anticipate the start date of the Strategic round 2 grants to be Q2 of 2018.

Strategic grant > FAQs

Can I have an offline copy of the expression of interest to work on?

Strategic grant applications must be submitted online via the AmplifyChange grants portal​.

No other method of application will be accepted.  

Once you have registered to apply on the grants portal - and have passed the eligibility test - you will be able to download a PDF preview of the questions for the expression of interest by clicking ‘preview application’. You can use this form to draft your answers. However, please be aware that all responses must be submitted online via the grants portal within the character limits provided for each question. 

Strategic grant > FAQs

What are the focal topics of the current Strategic grants?

The purpose of a Strategic grant is to support organisations that work globally and regionally to advocate and help shape policy and strategy on one or more of the five priority themes of AmplifyChange.

Please see the Strategic grant page for more details.

Strategic grant > FAQs

What are the focal countries of the current Strategic grants?

We expect action at a global or regional level, alongside action within focal countries for AmplifyChange, including countries within West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, Central Africa and South Asia.

Applicants that meet the eligibility criteria for a Strategic grant can be registered anywhere in the world.  

Strategic grant > FAQs

What are the ‘not to be missed countries’ for AmplifyChange?

We identified 25 countries that are most off-track on AmplifyChange priorities and we do not want these countries to be overlooked. We have called these countries 'not to be missed'.

Amongst AmplifyChange’s benchmarks, we seek to ensure that our grant portfolio includes civil society organisations working in these 25 ‘not to be missed countries’ which have some of the poorest SRHR indicators in the world.  

Read more about not to be missed countries here.  

Strategic grant > FAQs

What is basic premise of question 1.12 in the application form?

1.12 : How do you propose to support national policy and advocacy by bringing the voices and experiences of civil society organisations in the Global South to the attention of policy-makers within global and/or regional policy fora?

Applications will be expected to provide a compelling case that the returns on investment in advocacy at the global or regional level will accrue in enhanced opportunities for improved Sexual and Reproductive Rights at the national level. This could include (but is not exclusive to) a compelling case that opportunities for dialogue at the national level will be established because of global or regional action, or that local advocates build assets to advocate effectively at the national level after global or regional engagement

Strategic grant > FAQs

What is the basic premise of question 1.13 in the application form?

1.13 : How do you propose to advocate, campaign, engage and influence for policy at the global and/or regional level for sexual and reproductive health and rights, as informed and supported by country level networks, partner action and knowledge? 

Applications will need to provide a compelling case that national-level advocates - from the global south - will be represented throughout the advocacy campaign cycle in global or regional level engagements.

Strategic grant > FAQs

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