What are we looking for?

Opportunity grant

What are we looking for?

The purpose of Opportunity grants is to nurture new ideas. Opportunity grants cater for interesting new ideas on SRHR advocacy. These grants can be used to try new approaches or ideas in new contexts.

We will only consider applications working in our eligible countries

We encourage organisations to use Opportunity grants as a chance to address any capacity gaps they may have. We can provide support during this process. 

We accept projects which generate timely evidence for use in advocacy.    

Opportunity grant > What are we looking for?

What sorts of projects and activities are we looking for?

We aim to be flexible in our funding approach so that smaller and new organisations can access our funding, but we do expect a project to have promising potential to achieve meaningful change for women and girls. We work as a challenge fund and applications are considered on a competitive basis.

We therefore encourage all applicants to consider the following guidance carefully to give yourself the best chance of success.

Opportunity grant > What are we looking for?

For a better chance of receiving funding, an application should:

  • Include clear and realistic objectives
  • Articulate a well thought-out and feasible strategy to achieve change 
  • Identify and work with key influencers and the authorities that have the power to bring about positive change 
  • Identify any significant gaps in the organisation’s technical and / or institutional capacity and outline how these gaps will be addressed
  • Initiate and support coalitions of civil society organisations (CSOs)
  • Are submitted by small, grassroots organisations such as women-led and youth-led groups that find it challenging to access funding
  • Pilot a new idea or innovative approach and learn lessons about what is effective 
  • Implement a promising practice that has shown initial success
Opportunity grant > What are we looking for?

We will not fund applications that: 

  • ​Are vague or lacking in specific detail
  • Include only ambiguous awareness-raising or ‘sensitisation’ activities without a clear influencing and follow-up strategy*
  • Are not realistic or feasible within the time frame or budget
  • Do not demonstrate a convincing strategy to achieve meaningful change

*We have received many applications that reference ‘sensitisation’, ‘awareness raising’ and ‘meetings’ – please note that if these terms are used in an application, they must be backed up with context and plans. Including a step-by-step approach for these terms would be helpful, in addition to justifying why you think these approaches are needed and likely to be effective.

Opportunity grant > What are we looking for?

What types of activities can we include in our project? 

Please refer to the Possible entry points for action on our Safe Abortion page to read about the types of activities we would like to fund. 

It is possible to include external technical and capacity building support or learning activities such as an exchange visit to other promising projects and organisations working in different areas.  

Opportunity grant > What are we looking for?

What language can we use in our application?

AmplifyChange is a bilingual fund that is committed to operating in English and French. AmplifyChange does not have the capacity to accept applications or manage grants in any other language.

We welcome and are used to reviewing applications that are written in an applicant’s second language. Our review processes take this information in to account and the strength of the application will be judged on the quality of the proposed project.

Applications submitted in languages other than English or French will not be considered.

Opportunity grant > What are we looking for?

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