Rules and eligibility

Strengthening grant

Rules and eligibility

Strengthening grant

Eligible countries

    • Afghanistan
    • Angola
    • Bangladesh
    • Benin
    • Bhutan
    • Botswana
    • Burkina Faso
    • Burundi
    • Cameroon
    • Cape Verde
    • Central African Republic
    • Chad
    • Comoros
    • Congo, Republic Of
    • Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
    • Cote D'Ivoire
    • Djibouti
    • Equatorial Guinea
    • Eritrea
    • Eswatini
    • Ethiopia
    • Gabon
    • Gambia, The
    • Ghana
    • Guinea
    • Guinea-Bissau
    • India
    • Kenya
    • Lesotho
    • Liberia
    • Madagascar
    • Malawi
    • Maldives
    • Mali
    • Mauritania
    • Mozambique
    • Myanmar
    • Namibia
    • Nepal
    • Niger
    • Nigeria
    • Pakistan
    • Rwanda
    • Sao Tome and Principe
    • Senegal
    • Seychelles
    • Sierra Leone
    • Somalia
    • South Africa
    • South Sudan
    • Sri Lanka
    • Sudan
    • Tanzania
    • Togo
    • Uganda
    • Zambia
    • Zimbabwe
Strengthening grant - Rules and eligibility

Eligible organisations

Strengthening grant - eligible organisations

This Strengthening Grant round is open to women-led, LGBTIQ-led and disabled persons civil society organisations only. Applicants must be Southern-based organisations from sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

A Women-led organisation is an organisation whose senior leadership at both board and staff levels is comprised of more than 50% women. The Executive Director must be a woman. Our definition of a woman is anyone who identifies as a woman and is inclusive of cisgender, transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary people.

A LGBTIQ-led organisation is an organisation whose senior leadership at both board and staff levels is comprised of more than 50% of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex communities. The Executive Director must identify as LGBTIQ.

Disabled persons’ organisations or DPOs are representative organisations or groups of persons with disabilities (PWDs), where PWDs constitute a majority of the overall staff, board, and volunteers in all levels of the organisation. It includes organisations of relatives of PWDs (only those representing children with disabilities, people with intellectual disabilities, and/or the Deafblind) where a primary aim of these organisations is empowerment and the growth of self-advocacy of persons with disabilities.

  1. The applicant organisation must be registered in one of the AmplifyChange eligible countries. 
  2. The project must be implemented in one of the AmplifyChange eligible countries. 
  3. The applicant organisation must have a bank account. 
  4. The project must respond to one or more of the Amplify Change priorities
  5. The project must respond to one or more of the AmplifyChange outcome areas
  6. The organisation must be a Southern-based organisation (see definition below). 
  7. The organisation must be a small to medium sized organisation with an average annual expenditure of less than EUR1 million per year.

AmplifyChange will consider applications from civil society organisations based in Sub-Saharan Africa or South Asia. We recognise the broad scope of civil society and the wide range of organisations, actors and coalitions it encompasses.

Civil Society Organisations can include:

  • Community groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Indigenous groups
  • Charitable organisations
  • Faith-based organisations
  • Research institutes
  • Social enterprise groups
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Communications and media groups
  • Professional associations

International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) based in the Global North and UN agencies are not eligible to apply for this call.​​​​​​​

In this call, we are seeking to support southern-based organisations

Therefore, we will only consider applications from sub-Saharan African and South Asian organisations with the ability to define strategy, setting performance targets and other objectives, define a brand identity and governance fully independently of a Global North-based headquarters or support office. AmplifyChange encourages and recognises the interconnectedness of civil society across the world and funds many INGOs originating from the Global North and South at both a central and local level through our other grant types. However, we are focused on ensuring that Strengthening grants are awarded to southern-based organisations, emerging from and rooted in their own communities to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights. These groups have limited opportunities for funding in the global development financing architecture.

Where revenue‐generating activities are undertaken, evidence should be provided of how any surplus supports the organisation’s core mission and values.

Previous or current Opportunity, Strengthening and Network grant holders are eligible to apply. However, in the case that we receive more quality applications than we can fund, priority will be given to groups who do not currently hold an AmplifyChange Strengthening or Network grant or who have not been invited to submit an application for a renewal of their current AmplifyChange Strengthening or Network grant.

AmplifyChange is prepared to support applications made on behalf of a coalition. If you are applying as part of a coalition you should identify a lead or coordinating applicant organisation to complete the application. A coalition is defined as an established partnership, a consortium, a group of organisations or individuals who share a collective identity and who are cooperating together to achieve a joint mission or deliver a project together. For more information please see our user guide on building a successful coalition​​​​​​​.

Strengthening grant > Rules and eligibility

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