Application process

Opportunity grant

Application process

The application window is open from 10 April 2018, 5:00pm – 10 May 2018, 5:00pm BST. 

Apply here​.​

Opportunity grant > Application process

How do we submit our application? 

To apply through our online system, you must first register your interest to apply online and answer some eligibility questions. If your organisation is eligible to apply, you will be able to continue to the online application form.

The system will automatically save your application as you fill in your details, but we encourage you to also save regularly as you go along.

You can revisit and edit your application as many times as you wish before you submit your application. When you are happy with your application, just submit it.

You will be able to download a PDF of your application at any point during your submission.

You are welcome to submit photographs and videos to support your application.

If you have any technical problems when you are working on your online application, please contact us at and mark your email ‘Assistance needed for Opportunity grant application’.

Opportunity grant > Application process

Are we required to submit a budget? 

Yes, all applicants are required to submit a budget, which is included in the online application process.​ 

Opportunity grant > Application process

What is the application and review process? 

There is only one stage in the application process (applicants are not required to submit a concept note). 

Opportunity grant > Application process

How will my application be reviewed?

All Opportunity grant applications will be reviewed and endorsed by the AmplifyChange Secretariat, and where necessary include the involvement of a Technical Review Panel member. The strongest applications that present a compelling argument, and that fit most with the AmplifyChange overall strategy and benchmarks, will then be shortlisted and recommended for funding to the Independent Advisory Board.

At this stage, AmplifyChange will contact all applicants with an update on the status of their applications. 

We will contact you directly once your application review has been completed. 

Opportunity grant > Application process

If our application is recommended for a grant, what is the next step in the process? 

If your application is recommended for funding, we will conduct a review of any financial and technical issues related to your application identified during the course of the review.

When this stage is complete, we will conduct due diligence checks on your organisation.

Once the due diligence checks have been completed successfully, recommended applicants will be invited to sign a funding agreement with AmplifyChange.


We have listened to feedback from our grantees and have adapted our processes to speed up the grantee contracting process. Please note however, that we have had to deal with an excessively large number of applicants, and yet for each one still aim to maintain our standards of independent review, and thorough due diligence and financial management assessments. 

There is now a three-week deadline for responses during Due Diligence (DD) and Financial Management Assessments (FMA).

This means that the DD and FMA teams will wait for two weeks for a group to respond to the first email communication sent to them. Then the DD/FMA team will try to contact the group by Skype or text message for one more week.

If we do not receive a response from the group during these three weeks, the group’s application automatically becomes invalid.

The DD/FMA team will be in contact with groups by email, Skype or text message, using the details supplied on the application form – so please make sure these are accurate and will remain valid for at least 6 months following the application submission.

Opportunity grant > Application process

Can I submit a video instead of my application?

Applicants can submit a video in the place of writing Section 3 (Project Overview) of the application form.

We welcome videos that will give a deeper insight into the need of the project; videos that show more information about you and/or your organisation and which demonstrate past experience of what has, and hasn’t, worked before.

The application form contains more details about submitting a video.

If you do want to submit a video, it should be 5 minutes long (maximum) and capture the following information:

  • What is the overall objective of your project?
  • Why is your project needed?
  • What is the change you want to achieve?
  • How will your project work towards the change you have described?
  • What results do you expect at the end of your project? What will they look like?
Opportunity grant > Application process

Can we include costs for technical support and institutional capacity strengthening, including hiring of external expertise, in our budget?

Absolutely, we would encourage this.

Opportunity grant > Application process

Can we include funding for learning and exchange visits to learn about promising practices in other contexts?

Yes, we encourage this also.

Opportunity grant > Application process

Does an Opportunity grant support research work in the highlighted areas of interest for AmplifyChange?

It is possible to apply for funding to support research, but in your application please ensure that you justify why the research is needed. You will also need to clearly demonstrate and explain how the findings from your research will be used to support advocacy and policy influencing. 

Opportunity grant > Application process

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