Opportunity Grant

Opportunity grants

Funding round focus - removing barriers to safe abortion

The application window for this  funding round has closed

Thank you to all who submitted applications to the funding round focusing on removing barriers to safe abortion.

If you are still looking for funding opportunities please see the Resources section of our website for links to small grants from other funds.

Why focus on removing barriers to safe abortion?

In recent years, there have been advances toward the goal of increasing access to safe abortion care. 

Mauritius and Rwanda both adopted more liberal abortion laws in 2012. Mozambique is one of the most recent countries to liberalise its abortion law, in August 2014 it revised its Penal Code so that abortion is now allowed at the request of the woman in her first trimester, and in a broad range of circumstances during subsequent trimesters. 

Meanwhile, there has been a significant growth in the movement for abortion law reform and engagement by governments with the idea of policy change in several countries such as Sierra Leone, Senegal and Malawi. More widespread global access to misoprostol has provided women with additional choice of abortion methods and, in many settings, has given women the option of a safer method of abortion than they would otherwise have sought through unqualified providers.

Despite these advances, complications of unsafe abortion still cause approximately 13%-15% of the total number of maternal deaths globally. 

Restrictions on access to safe abortion are still widespread across many countries – particularly within sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and parts of South Asia. Even where legal restrictions on safe abortion are less severe, access to safe abortion choices are limited by lack of knowledge, poor health systems and widespread stigma.

AmplifyChange want to support new and expand on existing efforts to remove barriers to safe abortion. We are committed to advocating for women’s bodily integrity and holistic reproductive health choices.