What are we looking for?

Strengthening grant

What are we looking for?

Strengthening grants support particular, usually time-limited, projects (up to 24 months in this funding round) that seek to engage and contribute to bringing about specific change in one or more of the priority themes of AmplifyChange. We do this by financing advocacy activities across the 5 outcome areas of the AmplifyChange Theory of Change.
Alongside financing advocacy activities, strengthening grants are also intended to strengthen the organisational development and effectiveness of small to medium civil society organisations, partnerships and coalitions who are operating at a local, community, district or national level. Up to 40% of the project budget may be allocated to organisational development and effectiveness. Examples of how you can use this investment include (but are not exclusive to):
Strengthen your organisation (click the links to learn how AmplifyChange grantees have done this): Develop the quality of your advocacy:
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What are we looking for in this funding round?

For this funding window we anticipate awarding approximately 40 Strengthening grants.

In this call we will consider applications that seek to support both advocacy activities as well as investments in organisational development and effectiveness.

Up to 40% of the proposed budget may be allocated to organisational development and effectiveness that supports the development and execution of capacity building plans (i.e. core costs).

We review all eligible Strengthening grant applications we receive. A key review criterion we will use in assessing them is whether the proposed work specifically sets out to contribute to our results framework and benchmarks. If you want to see examples of some of the results that have been achieved by current or previous AmplifyChange grantees please watch our Results Films.

We understand that all advocacy to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights involves risks. We therefore strongly encourage you to consider the risks that are specific to your project design as well as the broader political, cultural and other environmental risks that you will face in achieving your objective. These should be incorporated into your proposal. We work with all grantees to assess and manage risks and do not penalise you for being transparent about the risks inherent in your work. In fact, we regularly reject applications that are not thoughtful and transparent about the risks involved in their proposed projects.

We expect this funding round to be highly competitive, so in the instance that more applications are recommended than we can fund we will prioritise those applications that are working towards the fund benchmarks and results framework.

We make funding decisions based on an independent review process, and we take into account our policy and operational benchmarks. When organisations are recommended for funding, they then undergo integrity due diligence checks and financial management assessments. More guidance on how we work and make funding decisions is available here.​ We anticipate the review and checking process will take until early-mid 2020. We anticipate that grants will start from mid-2020.

Please see the budget template and financial guidance for more details of the types of costs that can be covered by a Strengthening Grant.

Strengthening grant > What are we looking for?

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