Network grant

Network grant

This funding round is now closed.

Thank you for all the application forms submitted. They are currently being reviewed by our Technical Review Panel and we will notify you via email of the outcome in due course.

Network grant

Why did we run a Network round 3 call?

To contribute to the development of stronger, more inclusive movements for SRHR AmplifyChange sought proposals for Network grants from Southern-based organisations capable of convening and supporting multiple small-to-medium sized civil society organisations – including AmplifyChange grantees – to build stronger, more inclusive and resilient movements.

After almost two years of grant-making, AmplifyChange is now providing direct support to over 250 small-to-medium sized civil society organisations* through its Opportunity and Strengthening grants. These grants aim to fuel the growth of a new generation of organisations and advocacy leaders, including youth-led, gender-rights groups, legal and health activists thereby contributing to the creation of more resilient, broad-based movements for SRHR based in the Global South.   

To nurture and coordinate national SRHR movements, we have identified a need for networks that can facilitate connections between civil society organisations, communities and decision-makers across sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.  


*Small-to-medium sized organisations would be equivalent to AmplifyChange’s Opportunity or Strengthening grantees – i.e. with an organisational turnover from more than EUR10,000 to EUR200,000

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