AmplifyChange FAQs

About AmplifyChange

How long do you take to process applications?

We aim to process and respond to applicants as quickly as we can. 

How long we take depends on the number of applications we receive and the type of review process needed for each grant type – so it is difficult to give an exact answer. 

We conduct a thorough review of applications; then, if they are approved, we undertake due diligence and financial assessments. This can take time, as we will often need to resolve issues that may arise in order to be able to proceed with a grant agreement.     

We do these as quickly as we can, and we are continually seeking to improve on how quickly we respond. 

We welcome feedback and suggestions from applicants on how we might do things differently.   


We have listened to feedback from the July 2016 grantee survey and are speeding up the grantee contracting process.

There is now a three-week deadline for responses during Due Diligence (DD) and Financial Management Assessments (FMA).

This means that the DD and FMA teams will wait for two weeks for a group to respond to the first email communication sent to them. Then the DD/FMA team will try to contact the group by Skype or text message for one more week.

If we do not receive a response from the group during these three weeks, the group’s application automatically becomes invalid.

The DD/FMA team will be in contact with groups by email, Skype or text message, using the details supplied on the application form – so please make sure these are accurate and will remain valid for at least 6 months following the application submission.

Why did my application not get funded?

All applications are reviewed thoroughly. We operate as a challenge fund and applications are considered on a competitive basis, so we cannot fund all the applications we receive. 

We have an Independent Technical Review Panel and Independent Advisory Board to review and endorse applications for our larger grant types (see how we work). 

We aim to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants on the sorts of reasons their application was not successful.  

I emailed AmplifyChange to request an update on my recent application - when will I hear back?

Our funding rounds are very popular and we receive a high volume of applications and therefore we are unable to respond to individual requests for updates on applications. 

I have submitted information about my organisation in an email, or in a proposal format of my own. Will this be accepted as an application?

No, only online applications made in our standard format will be considered.

Can I apply in any languages other than English or French?

For all of our grant windows, we can only accept applications that are written in either English or French. We will not review applications submitted in any other language. We thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Which organisations are you currently supporting?

Almost all the grantees we support are groups based in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. 

We aim to focus our grant funding on where the needs are greatest. Key highlights of our overall portfolio, by grant type, can be found on the who we fund page.

Summary details of groups and projects we are currently supporting can be found in our grantee section, where you can search for projects by region, country, grant type and AmplifyChange priority.

The system said I am not eligible but I am based in an eligible country and working on the AmplifyChange themes – please help!

The eligibility guidance for each grant type can be found on the AmplifyChange website and should answer your query about why you are not eligible.

If you have made a mistake during your eligibility check and would like to begin another one, please start the process again with a different name.

I have asked AmplifyChange to alter their eligibility criteria, to allow my country/organisation to apply – is this possible?

We regularly review our eligibility criteria but we cannot alter these in response to individual requests.

In terms of geographic spread, our Opportunity grants have the widest eligibility. Please refer to our Opportunity grants page for more detailed information around this. 

I have forgotten/lost my password – what should I do?

Please follow this link to reset your password:  Forgot your password?

How can I stay up-to-date with news from AmplifyChange?

Please keep checking our website and follow AmplifyChange on social media for updates:

Twitter: @amplifyfund


Instagram: @amplifychange

Watch our videos on this website or on our YouTube Channel - WeAmplifyChange

If you register on our website you will automatically receive emails containing information and details on calls for proposals

If AmplifyChange ‘follows’ or ‘likes’ a group on social media, does this mean this group will have a better chance of receiving funding?

No. Social media coverage by the AmplifyChange accounts will play no part in grant-making process.