AmplifyChange has a zero-tolerance approach to fraud, corruption, bribery, terrorism funding, child abuse, sexual abuse, modern slavery and human rights violations. We are committed to creating an environment in which you feel able to report fraud and any other violations directly to us.

We recognise that abuse comes about as a result of an imbalance of power. Such power imbalances can happen anywhere, including between work colleagues. We also recognise our relative position of power in our working relationships with downstream partners (grantees) and the beneficiaries of downstream partners.

You can read our Safeguarding policy and in the film below, Rolla Khadduri, Safeguarding Lead, provides a brief introduction to the topic of safeguarding and what this means for AmplifyChange.

Watch our safeguarding film

An introduction to safeguarding

In this film Safeguarding Lead, Rolla Khadduri, outlines the importance of having a safeguarding policy when working in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). We explain what we expect from you, as a grantee, for creating and maintaining a policy that is appropriate for your context and how we can support you to do this.

How can I report a concern?

If you would like to contact AmplifyChange regarding an incident concerning suspected fraud and misuse of funds, or for any other incident regarding safeguarding, slavery or abuse of power, you have two options:

  • You can report the incident anonymously by clicking on this link: EthicsPoint MannionDaniels. This is an anonymous, free-to-call and confidential service.