AmplifyChange has a zero-tolerance approach to fraud, corruption, bribery, terrorism funding, child abuse, sexual abuse, modern slavery and human rights violations, and is committed to creating an environment in which you feel able to report fraud and other violations directly to your Fund Manager.

As part of its role as Fund Manager, MannionDaniels has engaged Expolink, a whistleblowing service provider. This is an anonymous, free-to-call and confidential service, which enables you to report your concerns.

If you would like to contact AmplifyChange regarding a serious incident concerning suspected fraud, misuse of funds, corruption, human trafficking, slavery, safeguarding children and young people, terrorism funding, and other violations, please use the button below or click on this link: expolink.co.uk/manniondaniels.

‚ÄčIf you would like to contact AmplifyChange with a safeguarding concern regarding suspected abuse, please read our Safeguarding Policy and contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead (rolla.khadduri@manniondaniels.com or safeguarding@manniondaniels.com).