AmplifyChange has a zero-tolerance approach to fraud, corruption, bribery, terrorism funding, child abuse, sexual abuse, modern slavery and human rights violations.

We recognise that abuse comes about as a result of an imbalance of power. Such power imbalances can happen anywhere, including between work colleagues. We also recognise our relative position of power in our working relationships with downstream partners (grantees) and the beneficiaries of downstream partners.

Grantees and beneficiaries in the developing world may be more vulnerable to abuse because there is not always the same safeguarding framework to protect individuals, particularly those who are most vulnerable in society.

As part of our commitment to safeguarding, we have trained our staff to assist grantees to revise or create their own safeguarding policy. We also review our grantee’s policies to ensure that they are in line with the requirements of their AmplifyChange grant, and to make sure that they are context specific and suitable for the grantee’s organisation.

Read our Safeguarding Policy (June 2021)

Listen to guidance on Safeguarding

What exactly does the term ‘safeguarding’ include and why is it so important?

Find out the answers to these questions and more on AmplifyChange’s podcast on Safeguarding.

How can I report a concern?

If you would like to contact AmplifyChange regarding safeguarding, slavery, and abuse of power or an incident concerning suspected fraud and misuse of funds, you can contact us confidentially using these two options:

Email our Safeguarding Lead, Liz Tremlett at or

You can also raise a concern anonymously using this third party, independent whistleblowing service: Ethics point.