Our team

A dynamic team with global reach and experience

We are a small team of dedicated sexual and reproductive health and rights specialists. We are well-versed in gender equality, social justice, health and women’s rights. Our team members have specialities in specific SRHR issues such as gender-based violence, abortion, menstrual health and female genital mutilation/cutting.

We manage AmplifyChange in both English and French and have a diverse range of linguistic skills in our team. Our breadth of reach and global connections mean we are always approachable to applicants and grantees; listening to and learning from each other.

Our core team is strengthened by a group of strategic advisors, who work closely with grantees after they have been awarded a grant. We work together on the basis of our key principles: we are accessible, supportive, open and transparent, demand-led and results-focused.

The team, consisting of staff from the three original consortium partners, will largely stay the same until July 2021.

David Bailes
Head of Fiduciary Risk
Charlie Covington
Communications Manager
Chantal Donahue
Technical Performance Manager
Rosey Ecob
Operations Manager
Ally Hall
Communications Specialist
Hannah Haynes
Technical Performance Manager
Lucas Hendriksen
Operations Manager
Daniel Jones
Grants Officer
Rolla Khadduri
Fund Director
Mabel Kirabo
Strategic Advisor
Emese Kovács
Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
Neha Mankani
Strategic Advisor
Alex Le May
Deputy Fund Director
Geraldine Moreno
Fiduciary Risk Manager
Katie Northcott
Technical Performance Manager
Lucky Nwachukwu
Strategic Advisor
Gemma Platt
Project Manager
Tom Read
Communications Specialist
Rkia Sayar
Grants Officer
Liz Tremlett
Grants Support Team Manager
Claire Veyriras
Strategic Advisor