AmplifyChange has a passionate team and Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors oversees the work of AmplifyChange to support local organisations to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights in their communities. The Board of Directors is appointed by the Members.

All our grant applications are shortlisted by our grants support team and then reviewed by an Independent Review Panel before our Board of Directors approves the final applications.

Our work is guided by the AmplifyChange Grantee Reference Group.

AmplifyChange Members

AmplifyChange is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, founded by eight Members. The role of the Members is to provide overall stewardship and to appoint the Board of Directors. The AmplifyChange Members are representatives of civil society working on youth empowerment and disability issues, former ministers, as well as independent members of the original AmplifyChange governance. The group of Members will be expanded in due course with an increased share of people from the Global South.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors have a clear strategic focus on the performance of the organisation. They ensure the vision, mission, and values of the organisation as set out in the AmplifyChange Strategic Plan. Our Directors guide strategy, approve funding applications, and provide oversight of the CEO. They have oversight of financial and risk management, ensure compliance and accountability, and approve policies and procedures to govern organisational activity. Our Members appoint the Board of Directors.

Technical Review Panel (TRP)

As before, the Board will be advised by an independent Technical Review Panel (TRP) consisting of independent experts in sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), each with knowledge of the thematic priorities and experience of the geographic regions where we provide support. TRP members are responsible for reviewing applications and recommending to the Board the best applications based on review criteria relevant to the purpose of the specific grant type.

Grantee Reference Group

A new feature in AmplifyChange is the Grantee Reference Group (GRG). We consulted many grantees during the process of formulating our Strategy and they provided extremely valuable insights. This has led us to establish a more formal and regular forum for grantee consultation. The Grantee Reference Group consists of representatives from across the grant portfolio from both Francophone and Anglophone countries. The GRG meets each quarter and their advice ranges from feedback on our approach and delivery of grant making, to optimising networks and movement building.