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What organisations does AmplifyChange currently fund?

June 2017

Almost all of the grantees we support are groups based in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. We aim to focus our grant funding on where the needs are greatest.

Our Opportunity grants are available to a wider range of groups globally, to organisations based in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, and also in some countries in Latin America, the Middle East and East Asia where SRHR needs are high.

To apply for a Network and Strengthening grant, groups have to be registered in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

For Strategic grant applications, groups can be registered elsewhere, but have to demonstrate how their work benefits people in these two regions.

Summary details of groups and projects we are currently supporting can be found in our Grantee section, where you can search for projects by region, country, grant type and AmplifyChange priority.

Key highlights of our overall portfolio, by grant type, can be found below.* 

*Percentages refer to grant values within each priority area.

Fig.1: All approved grants - 469 grants in 58 countries (June 2017)

469 approved AmplifyChange grants in 58 countries

Fig. 2: Network round 1 - funding summary

Network round 1

Fig.3: Network round 2 funding summary

Network round 2 funding overview

Fig. 4: Strengthening round 1 funding summary

Strengthening round 1 funding overview

Fig. 5: Strengthening round 2 funding summary

AmplifyChange Strengthening round 2 summary

Fig. 6: Opportunity grants - funding summary

Opportunity grants funding summary April 2017

Fig. 7: Strategic grants - funding summary

Strategic overview