Who we fund and eligibility

About > Who we fund and eligibility 

What organisations does AmplifyChange currently fund?

Almost all of the grantees we support are groups based in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. We focus our grant funding on where the needs are greatest.

We have four grant types: 

Opportunity grants to support small and new organisations based in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, and also in some countries in Latin America, the Middle East and East Asia where SRHR needs are high to achieve meaningful change for women and girls.

Strengthening grants to support and strengthen the work of small to medium civil society organisations, partnerships and coalitions registered in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. 

Network grants for organisations registered in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia capable of convening and supporting multiple small-to-medium sized civil society organisations to build stronger, more inclusive and resilient movements. In 2018, we have introduced eligibility for Network grant funding to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) that are listed as a recipient country by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC). 

Strategic grants to support larger organisations working regionally and internationally, to advocate and contribute to policy and strategy development on the priority themes of AmplifyChange at global, regional and country level, benefitting people in our two priority regions. 

Summary details of groups and projects we are currently supporting can be found in our Grantee​ section, where you can search for projects by region, country, grant type and AmplifyChange priority. 

Key highlights of our overall portfolio, by grant type, can be found in our Results section.

About > Who we fund and eligibility 

General eligibility criteria

For detailed information about eligibility by grant type, please visit the rules and eligibility pages under each grant type in the how to apply section.

About > Who we fund and eligibility 

What is the basic eligibility criteria of AmplifyChange?

Our eligibility criteria are geographical and priority-based. We will mostly support CSOs that are based in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. All applications must respond to one or more of the AmplifyChange Priorities.​ Please read the specific eligibility details for each grant type for more information. 

About > Who we fund and eligibility 

What countries do we work with?

We support CSOs particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

We primarily support CSOs in countries where sexual and reproductive health and rights indicators lag furthest behind, where the status and challenges to sexual and reproductive health and rights are the most challenging. 

We respond to the ideas CSOs themselves have on how best to address the priorities of AmplifyChange in the countries where they work.

About > Who we fund and eligibility 

What organisations are eligible?

AmplifyChange will consider applications from civil society actors. We recognise the broad scope of civil society actors and the wide range of organisations and coalitions this refers to.

Therefore we will support community groups, non-governmental organisations, indigenous groups, charitable organisations, faith-based organisations, research institutes, social enterprise groups, public-private partnerships, communications and media groups and professional associations. We welcome applications from civil society groups that work in collaboration with UN agencies, but AmplifyChange does not provide financial support to UN agencies. 

For more information on how to define your organisation, please visit the FAQs in our How to apply section. 

About > Who we fund and eligibility 

What organisations are not eligible?

Organisations are not eligible to apply for the following reasons:

  • The lead applicant organisation is registered in a country which is not an AmplifyChange eligible country 
  • The lead applicant organisation is a UN agency 
  • The lead applicant organisation is a government agency 
  • The lead applicant organisation operates under a Memorandum of Understanding with a government agency and/or UN agency 

The list above is not exhaustive, therefore please check the Rules and Eligibility section for the grant type you want to apply for. 

About > Who we fund and eligibility 

We are not registered in an eligible country but we work with an organisation/s that operate in an eligible country/ies. Can we apply?

No, you cannot be the applying organisation, but you can be part of an application on behalf of a coalition, where the applying organisation or lead applicant is registered in an eligible country.

We welcome collaborative applications where the lead organisation is identified and is registered and working in one of our eligible countries.

The lead applicant is responsible for submitting the concept note, and any subsequent full application. The lead applicant would also be responsible for coordinating with partners, liaising with AmplifyChange and for the overall management of the grant. Other organisations involved in the coalition, who are not the lead applicant, do not need to be registered within an AmplifyChange eligible country.

Network grants are intended to be a primary means of supporting collaboration and consortia approaches, whether South-North or South-South partnerships.

About > Who we fund and eligibility 

If we are unregistered or do not have a bank account, can we apply? 

We will accept Opportunity grant applications from organisations that are not registered or do not have a bank account because we recognise that some organisations are still new and in some contexts there are security risks associated with registration. But please note that unregistered organisations that have applications successfully recommended for funding may need to fulfil certain registration requirements following due diligence and financial assessments. Regarding registration and bank accounts:

  • If registration is considered appropriate we will stipulate that you do register at the beginning of your grant. We therefore encourage unregistered groups who apply for an AmplifyChange opportunity grant to start the registration process as soon as possible during the application stage. This will support the application if it is successful, and will also be helpful when applying for funds from other donors.  
  • If you are working in a context where it is not safe to register, we will request a letter of endorsement from a known AmplifyChange partner who is able to confirm the existence of your organisation and the risks of registration within your local context.  
  •  AmplifyChange will only pay grant funding into bank accounts held by organisations - we cannot operate through personal bank accounts. If a successful applicant organisation cannot open its own bank account then we may be able to fund through a ‘fiscal sponsor’

A fiscal sponsor is an organisation which is familiar with the grant holder and is willing to operate as a banking function for the project.