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Since launching in 2014, AmplifyChange has...

AmplifyChange Results banner June 2018

Key highlights of our overall portfolio, by grant type, can be found below.

We are successfully funding small civil society groups:
The majority of our grants are to organisations with an annual budget of less than EUR500,000.

We are reaching Southern-based organisations:
Out of our 684 committed grants, 672 (98%) are to organisations based and registered in the Global South.

Percentages refer to grant values within each priority area.

Fig.1: All approved grants - 758 grants in 59 countries (all data correct as of October 2018 , figures updated quarterly)

Approved grants Oct 2018

Fig. 2: Performance against priorities (October 2018)

Performance against priorities Oct 2018

Fig. 3: Performance against benchmarks (October 2018)

Geographic benchmarks Oct 2018