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Finance and risk

How we work - Risk and Due Diligence

We follow best practice procedures on due diligence. This includes assessment of integrity and financial due diligence, and of financial management capacity. This will allow us to proceed with confidence in our grantees, and support them to improve systems where need be. A grant award may be conditional on the implementation of recommendations or points to be addressed arising from a due diligence assessment.


We have listened to feedback from our grantees and are speeding up the grantee contracting process. 

There is now a three-week deadline for responses during Due Diligence (DD) and Financial Management Assessments (FMA). 

This means that the DD and FMA teams will wait for two weeks for a group to respond to the first email communication sent to them. Then the DD/FMA team will try to contact the group by Skype or text message for one more week. 

If we do not receive a response from the group during these three weeks, the group’s application automatically becomes invalid. 

The DD/FMA team will be in contact with groups by email, Skype or text message, using the details supplied on the application form – so please make sure these are accurate and will remain valid for at least 6 months following the application submission.