How we work

How We Work


How we work - Principles

AmplifyChange is a challenge fund which awards grants on a competitive basis. So we have put in place governance arrangements and procedures to help ensure we are as fair as possible in our grant-funding decision making. At all times, we strive to fund the best applications, to ensure support for all of our priority themes and achieve coverage across as many of our eligible countries as possible. In advance of each grant window opening, we try to make available as much information as we can on funding opportunities.

We aim to be as accessible and responsive as we can, so please contact us directly if you think there are ways we could improve. We can be contacted at:

We have an independent process of grant selection, and aim to be transparent and accountable in how we make decisions. Results of grant funding rounds will be made available on our website.

Applications submitted at concept stage are reviewed and shortlisted by our Grant Support Team. Full applications are then reviewed by an independent Technical Review Panel (TRP) that makes recommendations on funding decisions. The TRP makes funding recommendations to our Independent Advisory Board which approves grants and makes final decisions on funding.

The principal criteria the TRP use in reviewing applications, for each type of grant we offer are: Relevance of proposed project; Organisational capacity; Sustainability and costs; Risk and mitigation.

We take a strong evidence based approach to inform where we work.

We aim to focus our support to organisations working in settings where realisation of sexual and reproductive health and rights remains most challenging. Based on an analysis of key sexual and reproductive health and rights related indicators [see How we identify 'not to be missed' countries​], we have identified a number of countries we especially do not wish to overlook. We want to ensure that well considered policy and advocacy work in these “not to be missed” countries is well represented within our overall grant portfolio.

We learn from our decision-making consequences, and evolve accordingly.

We seek to improve how we work by learning from our approach and by continually finding better and more responsive ways to support civil society groups applying for, or implementing, AmplifyChange grant support. Therefore we will keep all our guidance and grant models under review, and update them on the basis of feedback we receive and lessons from how we work.