10 Tips for Including Pleasure in Your Work: A Guide to Embracing Pleasure-Based SRHR

Interested in becoming a ‘pleasure implementer’? Learn directly from civil society organisations who are embracing pleasure in their SRHR advocacy work.

The evidence shows that promoting a comprehensive approach to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) improves SRHR outcomes. Pleasure-based sexual health approaches shift the narrative to emphasise positive aspects of sexual experiences, empowering individuals to explore their desires, rights, and preferences without stigma or shame. For advocates and organisations involved in SRHR work, having a diverse range of tools and resources is crucial to effectively implement pleasure-based sexual health advocacy and interventions that are tailored to addressing the needs of local communities and partners.

Acknowledging the range of experiences of individuals, AmplifyChange and The Pleasure Project in partnership with eight civil society organisations developed a new, exciting best practice guide. The guide explores 10 key tips to support integrating pleasure into SRHR work across diverse contexts and settings. Building on invaluable experiences of SRHR advocacy organisations in Africa and South Asia, this guide shows that embracing pleasure is a vital step towards creating a world where sexual well-being is valued, celebrated, and free from stigma and discrimination.

How was this guide developed?

The Pleasure Project, AmplifyChange and The Case For Her came together for a pilot initiative to fund and support eight civil society organisations implementing pleasure-based sexual health work around the globe. As part of a wider research project, we held focus group discussions with this cohort of organisations to learn how they best applied a pleasure approach in their settings. These discussions culminated in 10 best practices to support others integrating pleasure into their advocacy work. A full report of the research project about implementation of pleasure will be published soon.

Access and download the guide below.

10 Tips for Including Pleasure in your Work

With thanks to Young and Alive Initiative; Haguruka; Women’s Health and Equal Rights Association-Rwanda; Transgender Equality Uganda; Groupe des Volontaires pour la maternité sans risques-RDC; Encadrement des femmes indigènes et des ménages vulnérables; South India AIDS Action Programme; and Sesotho Media and Development for sharing their insights and learnings.

With thanks to The Case for Her for their support to the pleasure-specific funding for this partnership.

Artwork by Maanya Dhar.